Physiotherapy and its working methods

Every paediatric physiotherapist works with slightly different methods. Most people use at least a few types of therapies, choosing specific methods to suit their child's problems.

- "It is important that parents know which method the physiotherapist chooses and why, and that the specialist explains to them what the exercises are about and warns them if some elements may be uncomfortable for the child. In case of some methods, only physiotherapists can carry out physiotherapy using them after completing specialist courses" - stresses Katarzyna Płonka from http://fizjoterapeuta-dzieci.pl.

The NDT-Bobath method is used for neurological, orthopaedic and genetic problems and developmental delays. It can be used already in the youngest children and is often used in the physiotherapy of premature infants, who require special developmental support. It also brings very positive results in children with Down's syndrome. Physiotherapy with this method consists in stimulating the child to actively perform movements according to the correct pattern. It has an activating effect and is painless and very comfortable for the little patient.

The Vojta method is used primarily in infants, because it is the youngest children who give the best results. It is chosen by physiotherapists for the rehabilitation of such problems as asymmetry of body alignment, tormented neck, paresis, hydrocephalus, pediatric cerebral palsy or central nervous coordination disorders. Physiotherapy with this method consists in pressing selected points of the child's body in order to evoke reflexes in others. An integral part of the therapy is performing exercises at home - the physiotherapist should show the parents how to do it properly.

PNF or Proprio Acceptable Neuromuscular Tracking is a physiotherapy method very often used in children. The main assumption of this method is to focus not on the weakest, but on the strongest parts of the body. Thanks to this, the therapy is painless and comfortable, and patients - seeing the effects of their actions - are more motivated to work. In the case of children, PNF physiotherapy is used to treat problems in the skeletal-articular, muscular and nervous system. It is also often used to work with children with Down's syndrome.

Kinesiology taping is a method using special tapes - slices glued on the body. Usually it is not used as a separate method, but it perfectly complements the effects of classical physiotherapy. The tapes have a positive effect on the circulation, reduce pain, improve muscle functions, support joint functions. They bring excellent results, e.g. for problems with normal muscle tension, and are also used as a supplement to work on posture defects.

Manual therapy is a kind of reflex therapy, consisting of massage, stimulation and stretching. The set of exercises is selected according to the needs of a small patient. It can be used as a complement to other physiotherapy methods. It brings excellent results in case of abnormal muscle tension, posture defects and tormented neck.

Massage is a form of support for other physiotherapy methods, which brings very good results and helps children feel comfortable. The massage has a relaxing and soothing effect, relieves pain, helps to cope with excessive muscle tension and contractions. Massage also supports the therapy of children with deep or superficial sensation disorders.



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