Prepare your legs for the hot summer!

Finally, spring has come. With the arrival of higher temperatures, we can give up with warm clothes and refresh your wardrobes for comfortable dresses, skirts and light shoes. After all, summer is approaching with great steps - a period of holiday trips, bicycle trips or carefree moments spent on the beach in the "company" of hot sunshine. During this time we would like to fully enjoy the comfort and health of our legs - so that we can feel comfortable and attractive in any situation. How to achieve the effect of beautiful legs step by step?

  1. Remember to be physically active - winter is the time when some of us give up sport because of snow and cold temperatures. Even if we try to stay in shape, our efforts stop at the gym door many times. However, once the sun has appeared to us in all its glory, it is worth returning to healthy and pleasant habits, while enjoying the relaxation in the open air. The best choice for our legs will be cycling, walking, running or swimming. Already a small dose of movement will improve the circulation, strengthen the circulatory system and condition.
  2. Do a spring-summer wardrobe review - it's a must, not just because of the changing fashion. Before the start of the holiday season and especially before returning to the path of activity, we should check that we have comfortable clothes and shoes that will perform their basic functions and will not press our legs and feet while moving. This will allow us to minimize the risk of varicose veins or microcirculation disorders and provide us with full comfort from returning to our favorite sport and spending time actively with our loved ones.legs
  3. Take care of the right diet - the winter season repeatedly goes hand in hand with changing our diet. Let's admit it - we spend many long evenings in the company of, among others, sweet snacks, which help us "painlessly" go through the season, for which many of us do not like it. Of course, we don't have to deny ourselves the pleasure, but let's remember that we should keep healthy moderation in everything. It is also extremely important to have regular meals, which should be prepared at fixed intervals (e.g. a light dinner should be eaten at maximum 2-3 hours before bedtime). It is also important to enrich our diet with a high dose of vitamin C, while limiting the use of salt, which, among other things, weakens venous walls and negatively affects the proper blood flow.
  4. Give your legs a rest - many of us are in a profession that many times requires a single, forced position of our body for a long time (e.g. sitting in front of a computer). Although we often have the impression that our legs are resting, we need to know that keeping our limbs in a certain position for many hours reduces their condition and can lead to venous stasis or a feeling of heaviness, among other things. How can we avoid this? All we have to do is "break away" from the computer a few times a day and take a very short walk around the office. On the other hand, sitting in front of the desk, we can perform short, but extremely helpful exercises, e.g. slow lifting of feet (without tearing our toes off the ground) or making circular movements with them. This will relieve our legs a bit and improve circulation in the veins.
  5. Strengthen your legs from the outside - professional activity, forced position of our legs (e.g. while riding the bus), meeting friends - as we know, our legs are very active almost every day. In addition to the necessary rest, it is worthwhile to use preparations (e.g. Diosminex quick leg relief gel) that contain micronized diosmin, recommended for people with heavy leg syndrome and with skin prone to vascular spider veins and dilated or brittle vessels.

These simple, undemanding elements will help you prepare for the coming spring-summer period, when high temperatures can be an additional negative burden on our legs. Thanks to this, we will be able to enjoy our good form without any obstacles, to carry out our plans with joy and enjoy the charms of summer without complexes.



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