Promotions at Hebe's Roads. Cosmetic selection guide

It takes its name from the Greek goddess Hebe, whose name means youth and eternal beauty. The drugstores, like Biedronka, which belongs to this owner of the network, offer very good products, which are offered at attractive prices. Great price opportunities can also be found in Agata stores furniture.

Promotions in Hebe

In the newspaper prepared by Hebe, customers can find not only cosmetics from well-known manufacturers, but also the pharmacy's own brand. Apart from all kinds of cosmetics for body, hair, face, make-up, there are also books, jewellery, decorative elements and many necessary home accessories. We will also find an offer of fragrances and perfumed waters. Hebe promotions are prepared for dermocosmetics as well as the brand, which the drugstore has exclusive. Hebe also takes care of children, so there is a special children's section where you can find all the care products you need for successful childcare. These are all good quality products that will surely work well and parents will be satisfied with them.

Hebe Card

Network customers can also opt for a Hebe card, the holder of which can take advantage of interesting promotions and discount vouchers for shopping. The promotional newsletter contains many interesting promotional offers, which are addressed exclusively to Hebe card holders. This program gives customers many benefits in addition to discounts of up to 50%, customers will receive a 10% discount on products for children. Gift cards are also offered, which can be purchased online.

Hebe Magazine

The Hebe magazine is a monthly magazine that is available at no cost to pharmacy customers. You can get it by shopping in a drugstore. There are many interesting articles, interviews and advice. The readers and clients of Hebe who take part in various competitions are selected for photo sessions in this magazine. The magazine presents and describes products appearing in the network.

Stay tuned

You can also bet on a convenient mobile hebe application, which allows you to have access to the whole range of products offered in the drugstore at hand, there are the latest promotions, electronic loyalty card, you will also be able to easily check where the nearest drugstore is available.

What's worth buying at Hebe?

In this drugstore we have many exclusive cosmetics available, so they will not be available in other stores. It turns out that many of these products have a great reputation among users.

Kallos, multi-action masks, 11.99 zł

Cult masks in large, huge, huge jars, even without promotion will cost so much that you can easily replenish your inventory at any time, you do not have to worry about a very high price as with some brands.

"Fish" - a treatment for hair in Dermo Future capsules, 11.99 zł

They smell better than the treatments from a pharmacy, and they work on split ends really well. Particularly appreciated is, among other things, the green version, which also includes argan oil and is an excellent choice. Treatment with argan oil will work better for rough, damaged hair. The one with retinol will be for lighter hair.

Silicone makeup sponges Labo Beauty + Cali Vibes P2 hold-down sponges

The cost of each of such products is no more than 6 PLN. It is a great alternative for people who put their fingers on the underlay. Silicone does not drink the primer, so it will last longer, it is easy to wash it off, it will remove after the skin, making the cosmetic nicely melts with the skin.



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