Quinos' pants - how do you fit them in? The trendiest styles

Chinos are one of the most versatile trousers that are willingly worn by men of all ages. Apart from a pair of solid and classic jeans, they are one of the basic elements of men's wardrobe. These models work well all year round, and thanks to the availability of many colour variants, you can easily match them to a given time or other clothes. Their characteristic feature is a soft, cotton fabric that provides great comfort, slanted pockets at the front and straight at the back. They are also characterized by a slightly elevated condition, which makes them stand out from other pairs of trousers. How to match them to the male figure, creating an interesting and fashionable style?

Who's the chinos' pants for?

If you want to learn how to choose your clothes skillfully, you should first learn about your silhouette, its drawbacks and advantages. It happens that gentlemen who are not satisfied with low growth, by buying the wrong things, additionally optically subtract a few centimetres. The easiest situation is for men with V and Y-shaped silhouettes, which are characterized by more or less wide shoulders, slim body and high height. They can afford practically every model of pants. In their case, quinos will emphasize the proportionality of the silhouette.

  • Chinos are a good solution also for low men. However, it is worthwhile to opt for tight models that will slim the silhouette by optically adding a few centimetres of height. Too wide pants emphasize low growth, so it is best to give them up completely.
  • Gentlemen in size XXL can also choose to chinosbut they shouldn't be too much of a fit, because that way you can get a slightly caricatured effect. The best solution will be models slightly tapered from the knees down. With massive thighs, tight pants should be avoided, as they will only enhance this part of the body.

Chinos and the rest of the styling

Chinos are a great option for men who like to play with fashion. They can be used to create a variety of styles that will work in a variety of situations. When it comes to matching shoes, it all depends on where we are going and what character our outfit is supposed to have. Chic leather shoes, sneakers, moccasins and espadrilles are perfect for chinos. Thanks to this we are able to create both elegant and typical summer casual styling.

  • White sneakers will be interesting to match both with strongly contrasting pants and in subdued colors, such as classic beige. What's more, you can wear a good quality T-shirt or linen shirt with rolled-up sleeves on top. If you want a more sporty outfit, a sweatshirt that is worn over your head, without a hood, will be a perfect solution.
  • Leather half boots, quinos and an elegant shirt are a combination that will work well during celebrations where formal outfit is required, such as a wedding, communion or baptism. We can complement the whole thing with a sports jacket.
  • Mokasins and espadrilles are shoes that are inseparably associated with the summer season. In this case we can bet on patterned thin shirts and light T-shirts. During the holidays, it is worthwhile to opt for bright versions of quinos. It is a great choice for the summer, considering the lightness of the material and its airiness. At least one pair of your favourite quinos should be taken with you during your holiday trips.


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