Removing the eights - is there anything to be afraid of?

removal with eights

Teeth are part of the digestive system. They help to bite off bites of food, chop them up, making them easier to digest. They are also part of the skeletal system. Newborn children have no teeth. It is only in the process of development that the first teeth appear, which are called lactates. Then so called permanent teeth grow. An adult with full dentition can boast 32 teeth. These include 8 incisors, canines, 8 premolars and 12 molars. The last teeth in the jaw and mandible are molars.

In most adults, the so-called wisdom teeth, commonly known as eights, also grow. They appear at different ages. They start to grow about 17 years old. It can take quite a long time to pull them out, and sometimes it is associated with quite a lot of pain. In addition, they are more susceptible to decay, they break down faster. They can also grow at the wrong angle and sometimes only grow halfway. In such a situation, the part that remains in the gums may break down. If they grow at the wrong angle, they can "push" on the rest of their teeth, which start to curve. Therefore, most dentists recommend removing the eights.

Removing eights - fear has big eyes

Wisdom teeth are usually qualified for removal. Before this happens, a detailed diagnosis is carried out. First, an X-ray is taken. Based on this, the dentist determines whether a standard extraction method can be used or whether you will have to resort to more painful surgical removal.

dental X-ray

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth - Krakow

If the dentist decided that in our case the eights should be surgically removed, the whole procedure will start with a precise CT scan. This gives you knowledge about the exact location of the roots of your teeth, especially their distance from the nerves and maxillary sinuses. This will allow for the thorough removal of teeth without further complications. Surgical extraction of eights is a very precise procedure, which is performed under a special microscope. After tooth extraction, the alveolus must be disinfected. Strongly bactericidal ozone is used for this. The treatment can be quite painful, so an anaesthetic is used. Patients often get sick leave for several days. This allows them to recover in peace. Unfortunately, for a few days after the procedure, swelling and quite severe pain may persist.

If we already know that such an unpleasant procedure awaits us, it is worth using the services of a private dental clinic in Cracow: Cracow Dental Care. It is a centre that has been taking care of the teeth of its patients, both adults and the youngest, for many years. All persons will be surrounded by professional, medical care. The clinic is very modernly equipped. The most important thing for CDC employees is reliable diagnostics, which indicates the treatment. This way, each patient is treated individually. The centre also offers surgical removal of wisdom teeth.



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