Skincare at night

Night is a particularly important time in skin care - although it may seem surprising, it is when the skin works most intensively and the use of cosmetics brings the best results. It should be remembered above all by ladies with problematic and mature skin, as these types require special attention. How does the skin work at night? What type of cosmetics is best for use at night - a cream or maybe a mask for the night? What products are worth paying attention to?

Working full steam - why a night mask is a good idea

It might seem that when we go to bed at night, all the organs and our skin fall asleep with us. In a sense this is true - no one is surprised to find that you should not eat at night because your metabolism is then significantly slowed down. In the case of the skin, however, the situation is slightly different - after 10 p.m. the active work of the cells that divide begins, which promotes the excretion of toxins from the body. The active substances that the night cream or mask contains are then most effectively absorbed and absorbed by the skin. Depending on the type of active substance, processes responsible for the renewal of collagen fibers, regeneration of the epidermis, as well as the level of skin hydration begin. Intensive regeneration processes take several hours and are assumed to stabilise only in the morning, so an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep overnight is the basis for a healthy and radiant appearance.

Mask or cream-mask for the night? What to choose?

Because the processes in the skin during the night are so intense, the consistency of the cosmetics used can and should be richer than that of day care cosmetics. In addition to traditional creams, night cream is also a frequent choice. The rich formula of this type of products allows to use them in two ways depending on the amount of product applied - as an ordinary cream or mask. It is worth remembering about the specific task that night cosmetics should fulfill. While a day cream should help maintain an adequate level of moisture in the epidermis, protect the skin from UV rays and absorb quickly, a night cream or mask should meet completely different requirements. Other active ingredients should also be included. In creams and masks for the night it is worth looking for vitamin B and E, hyaluronic acid and, in the case of mature skin, ceramides and retinol, which help to fight the aging process.

Cream and a mask for the night - what to buy?

Cosmetics for night care should be well matched to skin type and age. It should be remembered that over the years the structure of the skin and its needs change, which to a large extent are also dictated by the stage of ageing. While young skin will primarily need hydration, mature skin will need to be provided with ingredients that stimulate cell regeneration, smooth wrinkles and strongly moisturize the deeper layers of skin.

One of the noteworthy cosmetics is the night cream-mask from the series Nutri-Gold Oil Ritual by L'Oreal Paris. The content of 4 precious oils helps to restore the skin's radiance and softness, and makes the problem of drying out of the skin solved. The possibility of double use of the cosmetic is determined by its rich formula. This product is suitable for women of all ages. Another product signed with the L'Oreal Paris logo is the Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream for mature skin, which, thanks to the content of the patented pro-Xylane youth molecule, is to smooth, fill and moisturize the skin. It's an invaluable help in the fight to restore the old facial contour.

Another product proposal for night care of mature skin is Vichy Liftactiv Nuit Supreme cream. This cosmetic should be used by ladies struggling with dry skin, which aggravates the problem of visibility of signs of aging. Immediate hydration, which guarantees this product, soothes irritations and restores skin smoothness and youthful radiance.

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