Stretch marks are a more common problem than you think - how to fight them?

It's inconspicuous, actually small flaws, supposedly invisible to most men - and yet for women, they are a serious source of complexes and often a reason not to expose the body even on the beach. They are afraid of their future mums, but the problem may also arise in young and caring people. Where do stretch marks come from and can they be overcome? The answer is: yes!

Stretch marks, small scars on the body, are called fibroblast disease because it is the cells that produce collagen and elastin that determine skin elasticity. If their functioning is disturbed, there are cracks in the dermis layer, taking the form of thin, oblong scars - initially pink, strongly visible, fading with time, with a pearly tint.

Not just kilos - when stretch marks can appear

- The problem with the functioning of fibroblasts, and as a result the formation of stretch marks, may be the result of many factors. Until recently, the main cause of stretch marks was considered to be skin stretching caused by e.g. tits, but now we know that the main culprit is hormones, namely excessive secretory activity of the adrenal cortex - says Katarzyna Stolarska, Lierac brand expert.

However, additional factors are still important, which can promote the development of stretch marks. For most adult women, pregnancy and breastfeeding are particularly high risk periods. Extra kilos always carry the risk of weakening the fibroblasts and the appearance of stretch marks. And these are not just about women. Especially during adolescence, they can occur in girls (especially on thighs, hips and buttocks) and boys (most often the back). Surprisingly, stretch marks can also be encouraged by physical activity. Regular visits to the gym, workouts with loads and body shaping workouts contribute to the growth of muscle mass - if this happens quickly, the body may not keep up with the changes, which will result in the weakening of fibroblasts and the formation of dermis defects.

stretch marks

The best method? Effective prevention

Although the tendency to develop stretch marks is largely dependent on hormones - some women gain little weight quickly, others keep their skin smooth even during pregnancy - so it's worth trying to reduce the risk of stretch marks developing. This will enable a diet rich in vitamins, micronutrients and healthy fats, while at the same time eliminating highly processed food, which will strengthen the body and keep the right weight. In everyday care, it is also necessary to take care of cosmetics that firm and restore the proper structure of the skin - especially in periods of increased risk.

- When choosing cosmetics against stretch marks, one should pay attention to their composition and safety of use. Phytolastil Gel Lierac is a product developed with particular emphasis on the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women, but also young people in puberty or with fluctuations in body weight. The gel contains plant-based ingredients that strengthen the connective tissue and prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the bust, abdomen, hips and buttocks. The product restores the proper structure of the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness, firms it and provides intensive hydration - emphasises Lierac expert. The Phytolastil Gel formula is based on a unique, highly concentrated plant complex: horsetail - phytophallus - ivy, which normalizes fibroblast biosynthesis. The gel is very efficient, and thanks to its light and quickly absorbing consistency it spreads easily and is perfect for everyday care.

And when they are? Focused attack

Stretch marks are the easiest to reduce in the initial stage - the reddish colour is more visible, but it means that the scars are still fresh and more susceptible to our attempts to remove them. With white or pearl stretch marks, you need highly concentrated products to help repair the damage. The serum in Phytolastil ampoules contains a high concentration of plant complex, which effectively stimulates the work of fibroblasts to synthesize collagen and elastin - these are the proteins that determine the cohesion and resistance of the skin. The 6 to 8-week treatment visibly and permanently reduces stretch marks, reduces their depth, width and length and restores their colour to healthy skin.



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