Tartar - how to deal with it?

In recent years, dentistry has been constantly moving forward. Today, we no longer visit dental offices only for the purpose of treating tooth decay or "tearing out" a sore tooth. More and more often we look for information on improving the aesthetics of our teeth or getting rid of dental plaque. The problem faced by many Poles and Polish women is tartar. What is it and how can you deal with it?

What is tartar?

Several dozen hours after the last tooth cleaning, tartar starts to form. It consists of various substances that are contained in saliva and food leftovers, as well as carious bacteria and their metabolic products. Tartar can take on different shades, usually a little darker than the colour of your teeth, and this contrast increases when you drink a lot of coffee, tea or smoke.

Standard tooth cleaning methods are not entirely effective

For some, it may now seem as if the cure for tartar is to brush your teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and use dental floss or mouthwash. All these elements are important in the process of keeping teeth clean, but if the problem of tartar already affects us, these measures will most likely be ineffective. All because tartar is harder than plaque. Using typical methods, we will clean our teeth, but the tartar will still remain.

How to avoid tartar formation?

Prevention is extremely important in the fight against tartar. To prevent tartar formation, brush your teeth regularly (at least twice a day) and clean the space between teeth. Dental fluid or special floss can be used. In this way, we will continuously remove elements from the oral cavity that can be used in the future to create tartar.

What are the home methods of tartar removal?

Before visiting the dentist, we can try out home tartar removal methods. Maybe they'll help us. However, they may not be sufficient for very advanced tartar. What products can help us?

Sage infusion - We can prepare it from dried sage, or from fresh sage. We should rinse our mouths with such a liquid for 2-4 minutes, every day, for a week.

  • Activated carbon - This component is able to remove food residues or bacteria from the mouth. Coal should be of natural origin, then it will be most effective. Using a lozenge of activated carbon and a bit of water we can prepare toothpaste, which we can wash our teeth by holding the foam in our mouth for a short time.
  • Bleached soda with coconut oil - This combination will have sensational antibacterial properties. The paste from the combination of these two components can also whiten teeth. The toothpaste is used to clean your teeth once a day for a week, and then control the effects.
  • Apple vinegar - In addition to preventing tartar build-up on the teeth, it has anti-scaling properties. It also has a disinfectant effect and protects the gums from disease.

What are the advanced methods of tartar removal?

If our tartar is at an advanced stage, normal, homemade ways may not be enough. Then it is worthwhile to take an interest in advanced methods of tartar removal.

  • Scaling - Tartar is smashed by ultrasound. A special device is attached to the teeth and the stone is rinsed out of the mouth. Then sandblasting is performed, which removes discolouration and levels the plaque.
  • Traditional method of stone removal - The stone is removed with various types of files. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming and not very accurate method.
  • Sound method - The stone is removed by sound waves of appropriate intensity.
  • Laser method - For this method you need a special laser scaler, which can be used to remove tartar.
  • Chemical method - A special solution is applied to the teeth, which dissolves tartar. Then the rest of the stone is rinsed out of the mouth.

More information about tartar removal procedure - https://candeo.pl/oferta/chirurgia-i-periodontologia/


Tartar looks bad when it comes to smile aesthetics. It can also demineralize teeth, resulting in bleeding during brushing. To prevent the formation of tartar, we should take care of oral hygiene. If the stone has already settled, it is worth trying out cheap, homemade ways. If these prove ineffective, it may be necessary to visit the dentist and use one of the professional methods to get rid of the tartar problem. An annual check of the oral cavity is recommended, including possible tartar removal.

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