Treatment of alcoholism at Koninki Therapy Center


Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects not only the person struggling with the problem but also the whole family. An alcohol addiction can develop over several years. In the initial phase, it may be difficult to say that this is already a medical condition. People who abuse alcohol can mask themselves well. In addition, they can't admit to themselves that they may be entering into a marshy ground, which can lead to a very heavy condition. As there are more and more people who need professional help, many centres specialising in the treatment of alcohol addiction are being established. One such place is Koninka Therapy Center.

Treatment of alcoholism at Koninki Therapy Center

The decision to treat alcoholism is very difficult. Therefore, if we want to change our lives, it is worth to use the help of professionals. We will find professional help in the centre in Koninki. Each therapy is tailored to the individual needs of addicts, so patients are thoroughly examined before it begins. A special interview is also conducted to facilitate the decision on the type of treatment that is to bring the best results.

The centre provides 24-hour care from a psychiatrist and qualified staff. The basic method of treatment is individual and group psychotherapy classes, which are conducted in several blocks: diagnostic and educational, acceptance of addiction and learning to live soberly. Patients can also benefit from additional activities such as: yoga, relaxation techniques, emotional freedom techniques and music therapy. The use of such classes is to show addicts that they can focus on something other than just drinking alcohol. This helps you to regain the awareness that you can manage your own life. This allows patients to slowly regain self-confidence.

For people struggling with alcohol disease it is very important to build up a motivation that will help to persevere in abstinence.

alcoholism treatment

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In order to ensure full discretion and peace of mind for the patients, the owners of the resort took care of a friendly environment. Beautiful natural circumstances and isolation from external stimuli can positively influence people who have made an important decision to fight the disease. The centre also provides therapies for entire families affected by the alcohol problem.

The drug therapy program usually lasts several weeks. Staying in the centre guarantees constant medical care, which is very important when abstinence syndrome appears. This is a condition that occurs in sick people after the addictive substance is stopped. This can lead to phases of anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, whole body tremor, nausea, diarrhea, heart rate disorders, blood pressure fluctuations and neurological disorders. Such biochemical hunger can be dealt with by specialists who take care of patients' health on site.

Alcoholism is a disease that can be cured, but it is the addict who has to decide to change his or her life.

More on: http://terapie.net.pl/ (Private Addiction Therapy Centre - Poręba Wielka 480, 34-735 Niedźwiedź, Małopolskie Province phone: +48 18 331 72 50)



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