Worse haircut? Fix it in half a minute!

It usually takes no more than 15 minutes to refresh your hair by washing it - including drying your hair. But sometimes there aren't even those 15 minutes or conditions to improve your haircut - fortunately, you can do it on the express!

Dry shampoo. What's that?

It is a powdered substance, sprayed and mostly based on talcum or plant starch. Various nutrients and fragrances are added to the dry shampoo. Talcum or starch is used to absorb excess sebum, so that hair becomes less greasy and looks better within seconds. When properly applied, the dry shampoo is able to lift the hair at the roots and improve volume from excess sebum.

The magic shampoo - the magic of refreshment!

When you're in a situation where you can't just wash and style your hair, use a dry shampoo. It's a special task cosmetic, for emergencies. Remember that it won't replace a simple shampoo, but will only make you look and feel fresher in difficult situations. It is an indispensable cosmetic for travel or when you sleep at work! Usually, the reason for a worse, bad hairstyle is that it's greasy, so it's always worth having a dry shampoo in your bag to save the situation.

How to use this cosmetic correctly?

To get the tangible benefits of a dry shampoo, it's not enough to just spray it on your hair. Spending 3-4 minutes on this activity will give much better results! Brush your hair thoroughly before applying the shampoo. Then spray them evenly from a distance of about 15-20 cm. You can also blow off and spray the hair with a dry shampoo in this position too, focusing mainly on applying the powder around the root of the hair, where there is most sebum. Wait a while until the talc or starch is absorbed and the excess sebum is eliminated. The next step is to brush the whole hair very carefully, conscientiously, first with the head lowered down and then in the normal position, arranging it as usual. This dry shampoo will allow you to get at least a dozen or so hours of "postponement" of washing your hair and thus prevent many embarrassing situations when you need to feel fresh and you don't have the opportunity to wash and groom your hair properly. The fragrances in the shampoo will make your hairstyle even more fragrant to complement the refreshing effect!

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