10 ways to buy cheap food

There are many ways to save money on food shopping. You can analyze prices in supermarkets e.g. in lime gallerybuy bigger packages, use promotions such as my kitchen discount codenot to buy too much to stock up on, so as not to throw away spoiled food later. There are many opportunities and customers are in a very good position, because prices do not rise sharply, so the wallets of ordinary people do not suffer too much. Nevertheless, the forecasts are not optimistic. Food prices are predicted to rise by as much as 1.5 percent in the near future. Prices will be determined, inter alia, by European Union policies.

Daily shopping, especially for a few people, generates considerable costs. Foodstuffs belong to the category of primary products, so it is not easy to deny oneself anything. Not spending money on pleasure or entertainment is possible, but you have to buy food no matter what. However, by following a few simple rules you can buy what you want and save money on it. So what do you do to spend less money on food? Here are the rules to save money:

Make a shopping list and stick to it when buying. There's nothing worse than going to a store without a shopping list. Firstly, it is easy to forget about something necessary, and secondly, it generates uncontrolled purchases, especially of unnecessary and expensive food products.

2. shop online. This solution allows you to stick to your shopping list, and unplanned purchases hardly happen because you don't walk among the shelves. Online shopping is also usually faster, so these are two advantages in one trick.

3. look online for inspiration for new dishes, such as vegetarian dishes. This type of kitchen is not only much healthier, but also very cheap, so you can save a lot by eating the same amount.

4. Buy less often for this in larger quantities. Usually in larger packages the price/weight ratio is more favourable than in other, smaller portions.

Compare prices in different stores. Thanks to this you can buy something even a dozen percent cheaper. Small savings accumulate into a considerable amount after an overall calculation.

6. use the savings programs. Collecting loyalty points in large chain stores is an easy way to save money from time to time. You don't even have to make a lot of effort, just collect points on a special card.

7. buy own brand products. Networked supermarkets and hypermarkets produce private label food. These products are often of the same quality as their more expensive counterparts. Therefore, buying them can make a significant contribution to saving money without losing quality. It's also a simple trick.

8. pay attention to the expiry date of food. It is not worth buying products whose expiry date is very short. It will most likely be thrown away, and so will the money too.



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