A wedding dress like a fairy tale

The wedding day is a day when every bride would like to have a dress like from a fairy tale. It's supposed to be a perfect, extraordinary day, when everything will be as it was dreamt of. One of the most important elements of the wedding is the bride's dress, which wants to feel phenomenal that day. How do you find a wedding dress that will turn Cinderella into a princess?

Bespoke gown

In a tailor-made wedding dress, it is not the most important thing that the dress is perfectly fitted. It doesn't go anywhere, it's perfect everywhere. Tailor-made wedding dresses are dresses that match the character, temperament and beauty of the Bride. They emphasize what is most beautiful about the bride and groom.

The wedding dress must reflect the character of the bride. Is it supposed to be the last fashion shout, or should it be classic? Elegant and dressed up, or rather subdued and calm?

It all depends on the bride and groom. When the bride is looking for a dress that will be a dream come true, she very often has some idea of what a perfect wedding dress should look like, but she is not able to specify it. And here comes the fashion designer, whose task is to transform into the most beautiful wedding dress the dream with which the future bride appears.

From dream to reality

Why is it worth creating a wedding dress together with a designer? Wedding dresses that are made in a custom-made fashion studio are characterized by uniqueness and individuality. These are Fulara&Żywczyk dresses. Each of them is unique because they were created for a particular bride. It reflects the bride's dream and the experience and talent of the designers. Polish designers, whose wedding dresses are primarily individual, create their wedding dresses with the greatest attention and care. Wedding dresses are a combination of classic elegance with a touch of modernity and individualism, which the Bride adds.

In the wedding styling, the most important thing is that the bride should not be dressed only in a wedding dress, which will naturally emphasize the beauty, character and temperament of the bride. The natural and true bride is the most beautiful. The wedding dress, which is a reflection of the bride's character, naturally emphasizes her charm.

With attention to detail

The perfect wedding dress is a combination of charming design and perfect workmanship. Fulara&Żywczyk dresses are dresses that are made with great attention to detail. The materials used to make wedding dresses are based on silks. These are exquisite taffeta, muslin, satin. High quality Italian, Spanish or French lace. The wedding dress is unique thanks to decorations made of pearls, beads or Swarovski stones. Thanks to the attention to detail Fulara&Żywczyk dresses are unique, and every bride will feel the most beautiful on this special day.

Wedding dresses need good company. Jewellery, shoes, costume or handbag is an inseparable addition to the bride's outfit. And here too, Polish designers Fulara and Żywczyk made sure that the details complemented the whole. Wedding dresses must be complete to show the bride's charm. The accessories close the style. They make it complete, unique and yet unforgettable.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. It is worth doing everything to make it remain in our memories as one of the most beautiful. Fulara&Żywczyk dresses are an indispensable element of the bride and groom thanks to which she will feel special. And as a special one, he will remember his wedding day.

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