Choosing a bed is a choice for years. Take it up on purpose.

Buying a new bed is not easy. First you have to decide on a specific frame. But remember that your sleeping comfort depends on the mattress used, not the bed casing. This has a different function - it must satisfy us aesthetically.

There are many types of beds available on the market. What we decide on depends on our taste, needs and wealth of the wallet. The choice is really big and everyone will find something for themselves. It is important that it is thoughtful, because it is a decision for many years.

- We can buy a bed for a few hundred zlotys, but also for a few or a dozen or so thousands - informs the consultant of the Mattresses-dla-Ciebie.pl online store. - However, it is important to remember about the high quality of the mattress, because it is the mattress that mainly determines the comfort of sleep. A good set is a guarantee of healthy sleep and proper rest.

The most popular for years - the beds from the board

The cheapest and simplest are definitely beds made of furniture board. Thanks to the ease of matching its veneers with other interior elements, they are one of the most universal and thus popular on the Polish market. Whole bedroom sets are available: with wardrobes, dressing tables, chest of drawers - and this is what customers most often look for. Such beds have another advantage - it is easy to install a locker in them, which is particularly appreciated by owners of small apartments.

When we care about a non-standard look, but have a small amount of money at our disposal, a good solution will be the recently fashionable upholstered beds. Their undoubted advantage is that they can be easily adapted to virtually any interior. Simple, without unnecessary decorations, but in a non-standard colour it will fit perfectly into a modern style. If you're looking for extravagance, add decorative buttons to the headrest or choose a custom shape.

A classic always in fashion

Always fashionable, because the most classic are wooden beds. This is furniture for years. They are particularly popular as children's beds. Customers can be sure that thanks to their durability they won't have to buy another one before the child grows out of it.

But a bed made of wood will also work in the parents' bedroom. They are characterized by stability and easy variety of its appearance. After a few or more years we can always just paint them in a different colour. Beds are usually made of pine, ash or beech. Exotic species such as African mahogany are also available on the market. The most elegant wooden bed models also have forged decorations.

The whole bed could be forged. This type is characterized by even greater strength. And don't forget his weight. This is especially important when we like to rearrange the interior of our home often. Unfortunately, in this case it won't be easy. Such beds are undoubtedly very elegant, and thanks to the possibility of painting they can be easily adjusted to any interior.

There is also another type of bed on the Polish market, namely continental beds. These beds have a modern shape. So what's the difference between them? The mattress used, which is built into the frame. It has three layers - two are springs, the third, the top layer, usually made of foam. Its construction makes the bed quite tall, but therefore extremely stable and comfortable.

You need a bed? Check on the Internet

- Nowadays, customers value their time. Many of them can't, or simply don't want to waste it on riding around the stores and looking for furniture," says the Mattresses Store consultant for you. - We're meeting their needs. On our website you will find beds and mattresses for everyone. We offer the largest selection of all online shops.



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