How to cover up damage to a wooden floor?

The process of natural wood consumption is significantly slowed down by the oils and varnishes applied to the surface of the board. However, they are not always able to protect the material from mechanical damage - falling of heavy objects or abrasion. Such changes are unaesthetic and highly visible. Is it possible to repair a wooden floor locally so as not to invest in a complete renovation?

Mechanical damage, affecting the top protective layer and the wood itself, usually occurs in two cases. The first of these are random events - the fall of heavy or pointed objects on the floor. The second type is surface wiping caused by increased use, e.g. in the entrance area, where furniture such as chairs on wheels are frequently moved. The rest of the floor remains in good condition and does not require costly and time-consuming complete renovation. In that case, can we only repair the damaged part?

Not only an aesthetic issue

Above all, it is necessary to repair damage to the wooden floor. It's not just a matter of aesthetics. A place without the necessary protective layer is defenceless in the face of external factors - dirt, moisture and everyday use. Moisture is particularly dangerous, e.g. spilled drinks and water left over from floor cleaning. Tannins and tannins contained in wood can react with liquids, which leads to intense colour changes and even blackening. When exposed to these factors, the board is more quickly biodegradable and loses its mechanical and functional properties. In addition, the lack or inadequate level of protection favours greater possibility of dimensional changes (fracturing or swelling) of elements or their deformations.

Floor panel protection

What effect can we expect

It is important to be aware that a spot renovation site will stand out, especially at the beginning. This is due to the fact that after sanding we expose the original colour of the wood, while the remaining boards and the protective layer have changed their colour under the influence of sunlight and everyday use. In addition, in the case of paint, the new protective layer will be more glossy and smooth and the edge will be visible. With time, it should melt more and more with the rest that has not been renovated.

Local repair

The method of renovation depends on the type of damage - whether it concerns only the protective layer or the wood itself. - Small gaps, cavities and cracks, up to two millimetres wide, will allow the "Capon Spatula" filler to be removed. It is a liquid binder for mixing with wood dust from the surface. It allows to maintain uniform colouring of the filling with directly adjacent wood - advises Zbigniew Cichocki, brand manager of Domalux and Domalux Professional. - If there are no deeper dents, the damaged part is simply sanded with sandpaper, vacuumed and applied a protective agent - preferably identical to the whole floor - he adds. The best thing to do is to tarnish the entire section, marked by the edges of the boards, not the damaged area itself. This will make the renovated part less visible. If the parquet was layered and the damage was deep, it is best to replace the whole element.



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