How to teach your child to take care of his or her health at school

In kindergarten and school germs are extremely easy to spread. Sick children infect their colleagues, and often younger siblings and other family members. When the parents are not around, the child must take care of his or her own health and hygiene. How can you make it easier for him?

Appropriate habits

The child should take good hygiene habits from home. Washing your hands regularly after a walk, before a meal, after playing with your dog will make this activity natural for your child and will not think about it. This is particularly important because by spending several hours a day at school or kindergarten, they will have to take care of their own hygiene and thus their health. In pre-school and early childhood, there is a risk of contracting viral diseases such as measles, chickenpox or rubella. Upper respiratory tract infections also occur frequently. Activities such as washing hands, covering the mouth when sneezing and coughing or avoiding touching the face in public places should therefore be reflexes for him.

First signs of disease

The reluctance to leave school sometimes causes parents to send their children to school despite the first signs of illness. You must not ignore a mild rhinitis or sore throat. It is better for a student to shove two days at home than to miss a whole week of lessons later. It will also reduce the chance of infecting your peers. This chain reaction is typical in schools and kindergartens. This is facilitated by a large accumulation of people, lower resistance of children's immune system, as well as low awareness of proper care of hygiene. It is also worth teaching the consolation to recognize the first symptoms of the disease.

School trip for a child

Healthy layette

To make it easier for your child to observe the rules of hygiene properly, it is good to prepare a special layette for him/her. Your rucksack should contain wet wipes, regular handkerchiefs and some dressing slices. Of course, for a toddler - let alone for an old man - these are not very interesting gadgets. However, you can make them more attractive in various ways - buy handkerchiefs in cars, slices in pets or a nice cover that will serve as a mini-pharmacy. This handy set should also include a spray for hand disinfection. - Our hands are the largest carrier of germs. As much as 80% of all infections are caused by inadequate hand hygiene. Frequent washing and disinfection of hands, especially in such a germ-friendly place as school, can have a beneficial effect on health and protect children from infections, including flu, even during the period of the most frequent diseases - explains the drug epidemiologist Waldemar Ferschke, vice-president of Medisept.

The advantages alone

Being healthy is simply more enjoyable than being sick - you just have to really convince your child to do it. When colleagues are sick at home, there are many attractions waiting for them - a trip to the cinema, to the pool, to the zoo or to the new playground. First, he should realize that he prefers to be healthy, and then, that his health depends largely on him.



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