Labelers - a device to make work easier

Working in a shop is not easy. People who have been employed in shops for a while know this. In addition to serving customers, it is also the duties of the saleswoman and the salesman to ensure that the goods are properly placed on the shelves. It is also important that each product is properly labelled. It is a question of giving the right price to avoid misunderstandings at the time of payment. In order to make it easier for the shop staff, special devices called labelers have been created.

Types of labellers

The labeler is a device that will help you to stick prices on many products. Among them we distinguish the simplest single-row labelers. They consist of three key elements: a dye roller, a roller with adhesive tape and a handle that allows you to operate the tool freely. They are useful in places where no more advanced labels will be needed. These are purely numerical devices, with which only the price is applied.

Another type of labellers are double-row labellers. It can print two rows of characters on the label. Unlike their one-row cousins, we can use alphabet letters, currency, units of measurement and weights on labels. However, when buying such a model for the shop it is worth checking the quality of the print. Much cheaper models may not meet customer expectations.

The most extensive will be three-row labellers, which also belong to alphanumeric types. They usually print 11 digits or other symbols in three rows. Thanks to this, you can enter your name, date, price or weight on the label.

double-row labeler

Some people decide to buy needle tags. It does not allow the printing of any text, numbers or letters. It is used only for attaching labels or tags to products with plastic strands. They are used in clothing stores. They are also often called labelling guns.

What to pay attention to when buying a labelstock? The material of which they are made is important. It should be durable and durable, so that the device will serve us for a long time. Some of the models have a plastic casing. On the one hand, the labellers are then light, and on the other hand, from a few hours of work, our hand may start to ache. On the other hand, plastic is more susceptible to damage than, for example, metal. However, metal devices may be too heavy, so they are rarely made of this material. It is worth emphasizing that labelers are not label printers, so we cannot demand that they help us to create advanced labels with lots of data.

The most important thing is to determine for ourselves whether we will need one-, two- or three-row models. In addition to the amount of printed information, the labellers also differ in size and type of application. The most standard are single stickers measuring about 26 mm x 16 mm. They are usually used in single-row copies, on which only the price is given. Of course, if we decided on bigger labels, we can easily find the right models too. We can also choose the shape of the tag. Some are square and others rectangular. It is also worth considering what kind of labels will work best in our shop. The most popular are paper labels, which are covered with a universal adhesive. Another type are paper labels, which are additionally enriched with an admixture of plastic. In this case, the labeler should be equipped with a fast-drying ink that will not smear after application.

Where do you buy the labelstock?

A large selection of labels can be found on the website Lobos store. It is a company that offers its customers a wide range of writing accessories and office equipment.



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