Leitz brand and products

Working in the office seems to be an easy and pleasant job. A lot of people spend most of the day behind a desk, so an important well-organised workplace is important. Therefore, ergonomic principles are important to ensure comfort of work and protect against spinal degeneration. Ergonomics also decides about work efficiency.
Today, Leitz is a market-leading company dealing with various types of office supplies. The products of this brand are not only made of the highest quality materials, but the characteristic feature is the attention to all details. Even the most demanding customers will be extremely satisfied. The company has been present on the market for a long time and it outstrips other brands with its solidity, which makes it a high position in the industry. For a very long time Leitz has been associated with products such as punches, binders and offer albums. This has not changed until today, but the brand's offer has become much wider. The company keeps up with new trends and supplies the most modern offices.

An indispensable stapler in the office - only Leitz brand

Leitz punches are the most popular. Manufacturers use modern technologies in their creation, thanks to which these products are not only functional but also durable. For this purpose, Leitz uses its author's Direct Impact project, which facilitates the stapling of large numbers of thick cards. You can buy staples for this stapler in stores.
Leitz staplers can be used in the office as well as at home. They are made of various colors of plastic, and its parts are made of high quality metal. In addition, each stapler is equipped with an anti-slip overlay that prevents furniture from scratching. With the Leitz stapler you can staple up to 30 sheets of 80 mm/m² paper at once. The device does not jam thanks to precision staple insertion technology. This product also has a stapler and allows both closed and open stapling. The stapler is extremely easy to use, simply turn the metal foot. By using original Leitz staples, every user can enjoy a guarantee that lasts up to 10 years.

Leitz staples

Which staples should be used for paper stapling

The Leitz brand has produced special staples for punching machines of the same company only. We can sew 30 cards together without the risk of jamming. Additionally, each stapler is covered by a 10 year warranty. The company also produced white staples, which are completely invisible on paper.
The Leitz brand produces staples in different sizes according to the needs. The narrowest have a 4 mm back span and 6 mm shoulder length. They are characterized by comfort, invisibility, which is of great importance for aesthetics, and lightness in use. They can sew together dozens of sheets of paper at once.

A document container - the basis of organization in every office

In the Leitz product range you can also see various types of containers or organizers for documentation in the office. They influence the organization and order in the room. The customer can choose from a wide range of colours of these products, from subdued colours to bright colours offered in the WOW line.

The characteristic feature of these containers is primarily strength. Thanks to the functional spine, you can easily search and extract the necessary documents. The Leitz brand website allows you to print labels for binders as required. For example, these could be stickers with the company logo. The Leitz brand also offers high-capacity organizers with removable compartments that ensure the vertical position of documents even if the container is not full.

Leitz punch

What are the applications for Leitz punches?

Traditional Leitz punches are most often bought. They can puncture up to 30 pages at a time. They are comfortable and easy to use, their blades reduce the effort during punching. The format limiter with a functional preview window makes work much easier. Every stapler owner will also easily empty the cut-off container. The Leitz range not only has a 10-year warranty, but also a GS safety certificate. Some models are equipped with a click-stop guide to facilitate punching. Thanks to the safety lock, the punch can be safely stored anywhere. Those who do not have much strength can use the ergonomic handle, which reduces the punching pressure during use. Laitz has provided a wide range of colours. The colour intensity of the WOW series is particularly impressive.
Leitz also manufactures special punches equipped with adjustable blades that allow you to change their number and size (6 or 8 mm). The standard punch has 4 blades of 6 mm diameter. Additionally, it is equipped with a rotary regulator with two scales, one inch and one centimetre. It contains 13 different formats.

The distances between the ring binders and the schedules are marked on the item. The punch can be stored with the arm locked as low as possible. The work of the device is facilitated by a precise stop and an anti-slip pad, which protects furniture against scratches. Advanced punches allow you to punch dozens of sheets of paper, weighing 80 g/m2 at a time.

Leitz punches are used, among other things, to make holes in sheets of paper so that they can later be placed in special binders. The punches use a lever mechanism. There are also decorative punches, which instead of the traditional shape of the circle, cut out different, interesting shapes.



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