Move to the world of promotion!

Rossmann sets trends

Hearing the name Rossmann, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly their numerous promotions. We loved this store for its multitude and diversity. We can find Rossmann drugstores everywhere. A wide range of household products, cosmetics, home decorations, children's and babies' products and affordable prices is something that attracts us. One can even be tempted to claim that since it appeared on the Polish market, it has become one of our favourite, most frequently and most frequently visited shops.

We love regular promotions!

Rossmann offers cyclical promotions for various products. Every week, we'll find a discount there for everything we need. By joining the Rossmann Club, we gain the opportunity to take advantage of special offers for club members. With the Club application, the selection of promotional products is even greater. One of our favourite promotions is undoubtedly the 2+2 promotion. It allows us to buy four products for the price of two. As part of this promotion, we were able to purchase, among others, products for our skin, cosmetics for men, make-up and hair care products. Another noteworthy promotion is the -50% promotion, where when buying several products from a given group, we pay only half the price. The lines are endless!

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The discounts will suck!

Rossmann is also known for his "Rossna!" show. It is designed for pregnant women and parents of children under three years old. As the name of the program indicates, with time and frequency of shopping, our discount on products for children, babies and pregnant women is growing. A great convenience is the fact that the "Rossna!" card can be conveniently linked to our Rossmann Club account in a special, dedicated application, which we show when shopping to scan our individual code. You can really save money by shopping at this drugstore chain. For this reason, so many people decide to do big shopping there without worrying that they will overpay!

Your Spring Frog

You can talk a long time about promotions in the "Żabka" store chain. This little shop, it's really big! The number of promotions is astonishing. We always get fresh sandwiches, bread and delicious yeasts there; who hasn't even gone up there for breakfast on the way to work?

Hot or cold?

At Żabka, in addition to delicious snacks such as sandwiches or yeasts, we can also taste products served hot. Apart from the already famous hot dogs, the offer includes pizza, spicy meat rollitos with Cheddar cheese and hot, delicious coffee. It's perfect, for people on the go!


It's served at the table!

How good that Frog is always close. It often turns out to be a salvation in situations where there is only light in the fridge and lunchtime comes and we feel like doing something fast for us and our loved ones. We can go there in search of lunchtime inspirations, dress up in ready-made, high quality dishes and complete all the necessary ingredients, even for more fancy dishes.

Grill sth. with Frog

Spring, evenings getting warmer, days getting longer, the air smells different and winter is gone. These are ideal conditions for barbecues in the open air with family and friends. We all love these spontaneous and unforgettable moments, the sight and smell of sizzling sausages on the grill and the taste of grilled vegetables. We'll get everything we need for a great spring barbecue meeting at the Frog.

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Gadgets not only for boys

Are you looking for a gift that will surprise, delight and entertain the recipient? You want to make sure your gift is unique and original? In Toys4boys you will find it and much more! With their help, you will make exceptional gadgets come into your home too, constantly putting you in a good mood and contributing to many questions of astonished and amused guests.

A new dimension of surprise

When you buy a gift from Toys4Boys, you can be 100% sure that the surprise will work. Scratch map, pocket-sized cactus, the world's smallest drone or a Star Wars toaster - no one expects such revelations!

Match the perfect gadget to the style and personality of the person you want to give it to. The choice is huge! Get carried away by the madness; looking for the right gift here will surely provide a lot of fun and laughter!

The perfect gift for a bachelor party and eighteen!

There are occasions when you don't have to come up with something ordinary and stuffed. Make the bachelor party and birthday party a fun and humorous one! In Toys4boys for such occasions you will find a thirst extinguisher, a large selection of crazy glasses not made of this earth, a party helmet, a pick-up counter, a can crusher and much, much more. For eighteen, an electronic corkscrew, a home casino set, Batman's slippers, a levitating ball, one of the escaping alarm clocks (there are plenty of them - to choose from!) or pixel glasses are ideal. Such an item will certainly make the party unforgettable!

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