Noise cancelling panels

Eho Muteboards soundproofing panels are one way to improve the acoustics of living and commercial spaces. They do not require insulation of the entire wall and ceiling space, but only specific areas.

In the era of dynamic development of technology, noise is becoming an increasingly burdensome phenomenon. In offices, it reduces performance levels and has a deconcentrating effect. In private homes, it prevents you from relaxing and resting. Installation of soundproofing panels has a positive effect on the reduction of unwanted noises, which are echoes of knocking heels, banging of keys or devices working indoors. They are also a barrier to signals coming from outside. What are and how do EHO Muteboards soundproofing panels work?

Acoustic room comfort

Until recently, it was thought that noise is primarily high intensity sounds. It is now well known that any signal perceived as a nuisance by the sense of hearing has a devastating effect on your mood and mental comfort. Moreover, prolonged exposure to such annoying reverberations can cause permanent damage to health.

At the beginning of 2018, the reverberation standard PN-B-02151-4:2015-06 was introduced in Poland, which is obligatory for all architects and investors erecting new buildings. It contains obligatory legal regulations specifying reverberation conditions to be met when commissioning new rooms. But what about the buildings previously built? One interesting architectural solution is to equip the room with decorative soundproofing panels made of natural materials, for example EHO Muteboards modules.

Eho Muteboards

Acoustic panels EHO Muteboards

The technical parameters of EHO Muteboards panels have been designed to meet the criteria set by the reverberation standard. Their creation is the result of a collaboration between DeDe Furniture and scientists from the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Robotics. The result of the tests was a three-dimensional, hybrid structure of EHO panels, which combines the function of an acoustic absorber and diffuser.

Decorative acoustic panels

The natural material and original shape of the three-dimensional acoustic panels brings attractive aesthetic qualities to the room apart from its protective function. The modules are made of beech or oak wood, in four colour variants. The production of panels is closely linked to the idea of sustainability, which allows for an excellent balance between quality and the final price of the modules. Their production also has no harmful effects on the environment.

Easy installation of sound absorbing modules

Fixing the acoustic panels to the wall or ceiling does not require expert assistance. Patented by DeDe furniture, the practical assembly system is based on a metal structure consisting of bent profiles. Vertical strips are attached directly to the wall, to which appropriately sculpted profiles are attached across. The characteristic perforation on horizontal slats allows precise adjustment of three-dimensional wooden boards on the frame, reducing to zero the possibility of gaps or deviations.

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