Penis - what is worth knowing about it?

The penis, or more precisely its head, is the most erogenous area of the male body. Despite the pleasure that comes with its stimulation, it is also often the cause of many worries and complexes. Most often they concern its size, appearance and efficiency.
However, every penis is different - some are thick, others short, others long and thin. And it is not uncommon for it to be bent sideways or have different skin color, which is completely natural. Let's see what you should know about this male organ.

A few words about anatomy

The penis is located between the scrotum and the pubic symphysis. We can distinguish its base, shaft and glans of the penis - also known as the head. The latter, stretching from the crown to the underlying frenulum, deserves special attention. It is incredibly sensitive to touch, since it has many nerve endings - just like the female clitoris (the clitoris, however, has twice as many). In uncircumcised men, the glans is covered by the foreskin, which slides off during an erection. It happens, however, that the foreskin is narrowed in such a way that it prevents its removal from the glans and causes pain during intercourse. Such a situation is called a staple and requires surgical intervention.
In the middle of the penis is the shaft, which consists of three cylindrical chambers made up of soft tissue. Two of these are cavernous bodies, which fill with blood at the moment of excitement and enable a man to obtain an erection. We can poetically describe this mechanism as the hydraulics of desire. An erection can also occur as a result of direct stimulation of the genitals. In addition, we distinguish between spontaneous erections - morning and night. Interestingly, many men do not realize what exactly they are and very often associate them with sex. However, they are a sign of health, specifically the circulatory system, and are related to physiology.
Reaching the base of the penis you will find the scrotal sac, which houses the testicles. Many men are concerned about the fact that one of their testicles hangs lower than the other - but this is perfectly normal. The suture running through the middle of the scrotum may also cause concern. This is called the perineal suture. In fetal life, around the 6th week, the genitals begin to develop. Until then, the genitals of each embryo are identical. The hormone that triggers the formation of the male genital system is testosterone. The perineal suture is where the scrotal sac would be separated into labia if it were not for the action of the aforementioned hormone.

Does size really matter?

When discussing the structure of the penis, the question of its size cannot be overlooked. "Is my penis big enough?" - seems to be the question that keeps many men guessing. Interestingly, the larger the penis at rest, the smaller the increase in size during erection. A small penis in a flaccid state can grow up to twice as large during an erection. A large one, on the other hand, can only grow by 25-30%. However, the issue of size is not as important as men commonly believe. Usually their point of reference is pornography showing incredibly oversized genitals and actresses' moans of pleasure at the sight of them, rather than knowledge of sexuality and its physiology and knowledge of mutual needs. First, you need to know that the vagina is flexible and adapts to the size of the penis. Second, it is usually the clitoris that is the center of a woman's pleasure. It is its stimulation, and not deep vaginal penetration, that is more likely to cause sexual ecstasy in a woman. However there are ladies (several percent), who to achieve orgasm need the penis to touch the vault of their vagina. In such a situation, its length may indeed matter. If your penis is too short to sufficiently stimulate this area, you can try different sexual positions or purchase special penis pads.
Interestingly, large penis size sometimes poses a problem as it can lead to discomfort or chafing. In such situations, it's a good idea to make sure the woman is sufficiently aroused (it's all about lube) and to have a lubricant on hand (for anal penetration, lube is a must!). It's also worth knowing that the G area (called the G-spot), where the clitoral bundle is likely to be found, is located from two to seven centimeters inside the vaginal vestibule. This means that a penis of almost any size is capable of stimulating this area - albeit best stimulated with a finger.
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However, what is far more important than penis size is knowing the different sexual techniques and reaching for them during intimate intercourse. For having a huge penis is not synonymous with being a good lover. Fortunately, the art of lovemaking can be learned - but penis enlargement is not such a simple matter. Interestingly, if the procedure is carried out, it very often does not eliminate the complexes. 

Can a penis be broken?

Such a situation is indeed possible, although its probability is small. Nevertheless, it raises concerns for many men. Usually the "break" occurs when the penis is erect and pushes against some hard object or is bent too much, e.g. during intercourse or intense masturbation. It is hard to miss - when it happens, you will hear a characteristic sound like a twig breaking. It will be a rupturing of the white membrane that covers the corpora cavernosa. Then there will be severe pain, hematoma, the erection will disappear and the penis will bend to one side. In this situation, immediate medical attention is necessary.

Conditioning to specific stimuli

Men can quickly become conditioned to a certain type of stimulation of the penis and the strength of the stimuli, which can sometimes cause difficulties during partnered sex. It turns out that not only is the partner unable to replicate the same pattern of stimulation that most excites the man, but the sex itself may not provide him with strong enough stimuli - both visual and sensory. This can happen when a man masturbates fast and hard with his hands while watching pornographic movies. It can also happen, especially at a young age, that a man has solo sex in a hurry, mainly by stimulating the sensitive head of the penis, so as not to be discovered, for example, by parents, siblings, or friends in the dormitory. Repeating such a pattern of masturbation can make you ejaculate prematurely during intimacy with your partner(s). However, masturbation in itself is not a bad thing - the problem begins when it becomes an "addiction" and affects daily functioning. This usually happens when it becomes a way of coping with stress and emotional tension. It is also worth remembering to make sure that self-love resembles partnered sex as much as possible - so that it is free of elements that cannot be replicated. It is also important to change the way of stimulation, so that you do not get used to one pattern.

How do you stimulate the penis anyway?

Every man is different and knows best himself how he likes to be touched. However, according to Ian Kerner, a sexologist and psychotherapist, we can distinguish a certain pattern of penis stimulation that many men follow. First, there is the pumping phase, during which the man performs non-rhythmic stimulation, allowing the penis to fill with blood. During it, he can pat the shaft of the penis, knead the glans, grasp the shaft and shake it, as well as massage the testicles, stimulate the perineum or anal area. The next phase can be called embracing and tightening. During this phase, the man embraces the penis with his hand, stretches its skin toward the scrotum, and clenches his thumb and forefinger below the corona to increase the sensitivity of the frenulum and glans. The next step is to massage and apply pressure to the penis until ejaculation is imminent. When the first of many spasms of orgasm occurs, followed by ejaculation, the man usually increases the intensity of the massage and pressure to intensify the sensations - this is the fourth phase of arousal. The stages described above can be useful especially for women who want to help their partner achieve an erection as well as give them pleasure.

As I mentioned at the beginning - although the penis is the center of male pleasure, it can also be an obstacle to experiencing it fully. In accepting its appearance it may be helpful to become familiar with the diversity of male members, and to realize that it is more important than its size to explore the secrets of the art of lovemaking. A small penis does not condemn its owner to failure in the sexual sphere, just as a large one does not guarantee success in this area.



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