Rotary Images - a new dimension in product photography

The first photo in the world was taken in France in 1826. It was the view from the room window. Undoubtedly, it was a breakthrough moment in the history of mankind, thanks to which it was possible to save the image. Nowadays, taking pictures on nobody is impressive. We take pictures during travels, family events, concerts. This allows us to capture important moments in our lives and return to them later. Photography has also become a very important advertising tool, and as we know, advertising is a lever of trade. So what is advertising photography?

Advertising photography - what is it?

Advertising photography is understood as photographs taken in order to sell the products presented. However, not every shoe photo will be suitable for a newspaper advertisement. It is important that such pictures present the product in the most beneficial way, which is to encourage potential customers to purchase exactly this item. Most of us are visual artists, that is why advertising photos have a huge impact on our consciousness. It is therefore essential that advertising photography is taken at the highest level.

Currently we can meet several types of product pictures. These are between packshots, i.e. simple pictures of products with shadow lighting on a uniform background. Additionally, they have reflective and reflexive effects. Among the millions of photographs on the Internet, there are also shadowless photographs, which show the product on a completely white background. There are also creative photographs which are supposed to present products in an interesting, often unconventional way.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in a new form of product photography, which is rotating photography, otherwise known as 360 photography.


Rotary photography - what's it eaten with?

The rotational pictures present the product from many different perspectives. As a rule, they are equipped with a 3D touch option, so that the customer can see the photographed product from all sides. The number of people who buy items over the Internet is increasing. That is why the companies are trying to invest in new ways of showing products. 360 rotational presentations are currently the standard of modern e-commerce.

When ordering such a presentation, it is worth paying special attention to the quality of the photos. It is important that they are sharp. The photograph should also well reproduce the colour of the product. Among the many offers we find on the web, it is difficult to attract attention with something innovative. No matter what we want to sell, it has to look encouraging. It's hard to buy a product that has the wrong picture and you just can't see the details. That's why companies decide to invest in good rotating pictures. In this way, customers change product settings with one click. Items are usually photographed on the left and right, from above and below. For larger products, additional shots are taken to present important details.

Rotary photography is undoubtedly the most convenient form of product presentation.



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