Scope of domestic servants' duties

Warsaw is a city in which almost everyone lives in a constant rush and finds it hard to find time to relax or to find their interests. Meanwhile, even after returning from work late, one has to clean up a little bit or prepare a meal for the next day. You can also spend the weekends cleaning, but it is better to spend them with your family or just relax. This is why more and more Varsovians decide to hire a domestic helper, which makes life much easier.

What does a housekeeper do?

The scope of the domestic help duties depends primarily on the employer, with all requirements to be included in the contract signed with the housekeeper. Most often the duties of such a person include cleaning activities such as vacuuming, window and floor cleaning, lavatory cleaning or dusting. In addition, the activities that a domestic helper can perform include laundry, ironing, shopping, preparing and serving meals.

Sometimes the scope of responsibilities is much larger and includes the care of animals, children or the elderly. Depending on the contract, the housekeeper can also do gardening work, such as weeding, raking or watering plants. It is worth remembering that in his or her work, this person uses household equipment, so he or she must be familiar with it. Housekeeping hours depend on the individual needs of the employer. Working hours and activities may increase during the pre-holiday period or before important family celebrations.

What conditions should a domestic helper meet?

When deciding on home help services, it is worth knowing what conditions such a person should meet. It is well known that cleaning up the apartment in Warsaw cannot be commissioned to anyone, because you have to trust the housekeeper. So it is important that he or she is conscientious, honest and responsible. She performs tasks in a private home, so tact and discretion are also important. It is best if the housekeeper is open and makes contacts with ease.

Very useful features in this work are a love of order, resistance to long effort and ability to organize work. This way, the housekeeper will be able to perform his duties effectively and maintain perfect order.

Housekeeper - which one to choose?

Finding a housekeeper who can meet all requirements is not an easy task. Fortunately, you can make it easier for yourself by using specialist portals, e.g. https://www.pomocedomowe.pl. There are profiles of people offering such services together with opinions of previous employers. In this way you can also see what range of services the person offers and what kind of remuneration he or she expects.

Certainly, experience in running a home is of great importance, so there is information on this aspect in the profiles. Through the portal you can contact the selected candidates and make an appointment for an interview. Another way of looking for a domestic helper is to recommend friends or family, but it is not always possible to find someone trustworthy in this way.



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