Shopping safely online

Gifts, home equipment, car, trips, cosmetics, pet accessories, bicycle parts, shoes, paints, online grocery shopping,... The internet offers numerous opportunities to purchase products and services. What should be done to make these transactions secure?

What should you keep in mind when shopping online?

E-purchases give the possibility of convenient selection of goods, comparison of prices, specifications, etc. It should be remembered, however, that just as in stationary establishments we can find thieves, the Internet should also pay attention to the security of transactions. By applying some basic principles, we will certainly protect ourselves against unfair practices.

The Internet shop, ads portal and other sites (e.g. banks) that we use should have an SSL certificate. How do we know that the site has it? You can see it from her address - it must start with https, and there should be a padlock on the left. The certificate protects against data leakage and encrypts key information, e.g. data of customers shopping online.

Such activities as card payment via the Internet, ordering bank transfers, etc., should be performed only on your own proven devices and with a secure Internet connection (avoid connecting to public networks, unencrypted wi-fi). Let's make sure that the appropriate antivirus software is installed on your phones and computers and that it is updated. Similarly, when it comes to the applications we use, they are constantly being improved, including in terms of security, so it is worth having the latest versions. Remember not to click on unknown links, attachments in emails that seem suspicious, e.g. they do not have Polish diacritics and the words are unchanged. Sending such messages is the most common method of Internet fraudsters to scam data, infecting a device with a virus.

The above issues concern technical matters, however, let us bear in mind that the security of online shopping is also the verification of sellers and transactions concluded.

If you are having a conversation with a private salesman, setting the details of the purchase, it is worth making print screens, screenshots or - speaking Polish - screenshots. These are pictures of what is currently displayed on your desktop, so even if we happen to a fraudulent seller who deletes your account, we will have proof that a fraud has occurred.

Before we make a purchase, it is also worth checking the seller's opinion and the products they offer. If the unfavourable ones prevail, we should have a red light. When we are very keen to make a purchase in one particular shop, we can buy some cheap test product beforehand - then we will see how the order is handled, how long it takes, whether the contact with customer service is satisfactory.

Let's also remember that online shopping is an opportunity to buy products from different countries - so let's check well what are the rules of such transactions, the possibilities of return, complaints, etc.

Shopping online - where to look for local ads?

Internet shopping is offered by companies that have stationary establishments, but also those that sell only online. Their range depends on brand recognition and what online marketing they do.

Another important branch of internet transactions are cheap purchases related to the sale of used items as well as local products and services. The best place to place and search for such offers are dedicated websites.

ABC.pl is an example of such a portal. The grouping of ads into categories and the possibility of specifying the location makes it easier to reach the most interesting offers. The user-friendly and simple interface facilitates a quick search for interesting items or services. Free ads in ABC.pl make the portal available to practically everyone.

The ABC.pl website not only facilitates cheap online shopping. You can also place offers about tutoring, exchanging subjects or skills (e.g. guitar lessons in exchange for German lessons). This has a great impact on tightening relationships within the community, broadening contacts, not only business ones.

Through ABC.pl everyone has the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items. If they are not valuable, in the "I'll give them away for free" category you can give them to people who need them more. Furniture or sofas will reach those interested, just like books already read, too small or too big clothes, etc. There will surely be someone who wants to use something that we no longer need. In this way we promote not only a pro-social attitude, but also a pro-ecological one.

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