Watch - how to choose?

Watch is not just a timer anymore. In the age of mobile phones and smartphones, a traditional watch is rather treated as an element of outfit and jewellery. However, when buying a watch, we should consider a little more factors than just its appearance.

Traditional watch - what mechanism to choose?

Of course, the watch should primarily perform its function and should measure time, and there are several mechanisms that drive the timepieces. Fans of the classics can be tempted by mechanical watches that have a manual screw-on mechanism. It's usually an elegant classic that never goes out of fashion. The mechanical watch, however, needs to be turned on regularly, usually every few days, which can be a problem.

Automatic watches, on the other hand, are recognized by a steady movement of the clockwise direction. The watch is self-winding when you move your hand. However, when put on the shelf, they can adjust and need extra screwing.

By far the most frequently chosen type of mechanism is quartz. Such watches are powered by a battery that has to be replaced regularly when it is exhausted - usually the battery lasts from one to two years. The watch itself does not have to be screwed on by hand. Quartz watches are the most popular type of watches due to their comfort of use. A large selection of quartz watches have e-z watches store.pl.

Size, strap, bracelet

We have a huge selection of watches in every style. However, in order to fully enjoy the new timer, we should choose its size well. Let's measure the circumference and width of the wrist, then compare the result with the size of the watch envelope, i.e. its outer casing. The watch envelope can also have different shapes - classic circle, ellipse or oval shape or square.

The watch can be attached to the wrist with a strap or bracelet - these are the most popular types of attachment. Let's choose the most comfortable mount, pay attention to its width and the material it is made of.

A watch that suits your style

The watch should complement our outfit. It's not just a time machine, but part of our wardrobe. A suit or an elegant dress should not be combined with a sports digital watch, but rather with a classic quartz watch with a high-quality leather strap, which is equipped with, for example, a digital watch. watches Lorus.

Watches Tommy Hilfiger They will delight us with their elegance and chic if you choose a watch with a gold-plated steel bracelet, but they can also complement your everyday, casual outfit if you choose a watch with a rubber strap finish. The choice is ours - so let's choose a watch that meets all our expectations!

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