We choose bubble envelopes - practical advice

Buying a bubble envelope is practically no problem. We decide on the size, pack the item and ready to ship. On the market, however, we find bubble envelopes with different parameters, and moreover, it is worth knowing a little more about the details of their construction, which will affect the proper purchase and delivery, which will safely reach the addressee. What's worth paying attention to?

Sizes of bubble envelopes

11 variants. There are so many kinds of bubble envelopes to choose from. These are marked from A/11 to K/20, plus special envelopes marked as CD. However, bubble envelopes D/14 and G/17, which correspond to A5 and A4 sizes, are most popular. When considering the size that will be appropriate, you should measure or know the dimensions of the items to be packed in this way. To the correct dimensions we have to add 1 cm of stock for the shorter and longer side, as this is the difference between the inner and outer dimensions of the bubble envelope.

If we pack more things, we also have to consider their height. Bubble envelopes do not have a cross-bottom, so a pack that is too heavy and too thick will end up damaging them.

Envelope parameters

The size, or rather the exact inner dimensions of the envelope, is not all. The bubble wrap is placed inside the envelope to cushion. It therefore provides excellent protection during transport, but objects with sharp edges can damage it significantly. Furthermore, such an envelope does not provide 100% protection against moisture.

The high quality of paper in such an envelope will be important. The best ones are those made of 80g/m2 paper and coated with a special coating. This design protects against soiling from the outside, so that the delivered parcel still enjoys an aesthetic packaging. All the more so because bubble envelopes are very often used to send advertising catalogues and similar products to customers. You can also place your company logo on the outer layer to enhance the advertising effect. Aesthetics and resistance to dirt in transport are therefore gaining in importance.

These bubble envelopes are best suited for use, where the bubble layer is glued over the entire surface and not just at the edges. This gives the envelope greater stability and resistance and the cushioning is at an appropriate level.

Finally, it is worth to focus on the way the envelope is sealed. Self-adhesive strips are recommended - often marked as HR. It's not just the convenience of sealing. The glue holds the package so tightly that it cannot be opened invisibly, so you benefit from additional protection against theft, damage to the package or simply looking into the contents of the envelope.

In a bubble envelope we can send many small items, or even very delicate ones. Just adjust the size, put on a high quality envelope and you can rush to the post office!

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