What is the guiding principle when choosing a coffee table?

Small or large, wooden or plastic, classic or modern - the choice of coffee table, although seemingly simple, can be quite a problem. Before making a purchase decision, it is worth considering thoroughly which piece of furniture will fit both the style of the room and our needs and habits. So, what is the guiding principle for choosing a coffee table to meet all the hopes placed in it? A Rosanero expert will give you advice.

Small, large or complete

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a coffee table is its size. In spacious rooms, equipped with a large sofa or corner sofa, it is worth to put on a piece of furniture with a large tabletop. Thanks to this, people sitting around it will have enough space to place a cup or a plate comfortably, and the table itself will not "get lost" among other furniture. Small interiors, on the other hand, require compact solutions, which is why a mini table is the best choice in a small living room. "For small rooms, it is also a good idea to choose a set consisting of two tables, varying in size and height. An example is the Rosanero NORDIC set. These tables are designed so that one can comfortably hide under the other. With this solution you can save valuable space and, if necessary, set up two tables next to each other and comfortably host family or friends," explains Karina Wilkołek, Rosanero expert.

Functionality and durability included

The second point on the way to finding the perfect coffee table is to determine your needs and habits. After all, it is known that most of us use this piece of furniture not only to put away a cup of coffee or tea. Often, it is used as a base for your favourite newspapers and remote controls for your TV or stereo. We also put down the phone or the book we're reading there. "To make sure that all the details are conveniently stored on the table, it's a good idea to choose a model with an additional shelf, hidden under the right table top. An interesting idea is also a piece of furniture with drawers hidden inside. They ensure that all the things you need are always at hand and at the same time remain hidden from the eyes of unexpected guests," says Rosanero's expert. As far as the functionality of the tables is concerned, one should not forget about their durability and durability. After all, the furniture should survive many years in impeccable condition, withstanding heavy loads and contact with hot dishes. "Before buying a particular model, it is necessary to check what materials it is made of and how carefully it was finished. It is worth choosing models made of solid wood, float glass or with tops covered with top quality veneer or protected with good quality varnish. It's also good to make sure which country the tables are made in and bet on proven, native producers," adds Karina Wilkołek from Rosanero.

Modern coffee table

In line with taste and trends

After defining your requirements for the table and adjusting its size to the cubic capacity of the room, the most pleasant part of the task remains - finding a model that suits our taste and harmonizes with the interior design. "The manufacturers' offer includes such a wide range of tables that the problem is not so much a lack but an excess of interesting proposals. However, experience shows that for years now, classic wooden tables with square or rectangular tops have been most popular," says Rosanero's expert. Standard models have so many supporters because they are very practical, durable and easy to keep clean. They are so versatile that they are suitable for almost any interior. However, more futuristic tables, combining metal with glass or made of plastic, are better suited for rooms with a modern style. "Lovers of minimalism should in turn bet on simple furniture, such as metal openwork cubes with a smooth top, like Rosanero's WOOD series. Nowadays, the most interesting trend is the choice of furniture, referring in its appearance to the projects from the 60s and 70s of the 20th century", Karina Wilkołek suggests. "When it comes to coffee tables, the current hit are the so-called sticks, or models on characteristic, turned feet. Examples of such furniture are Rosanero's NORDIC and PONG tables - each available in small, large or functional sizes," explains the expert.

A coffee table is a piece of furniture which - a bit contrary to its name - is not only used for serving hot drinks. It is often the center of home life, becoming a place for socializing or relaxing moments with a good book or film. Using Rosanero's expert advice, you can be sure that all of these functions will be fulfilled 100 percent and that the table itself will be the undisputed highlight of your living room.

Rosanero, the main brand of Anders Meble, is a Polish manufacturer of modern furniture and interior accessories. The aim of her vocation was the passion for creating beautiful and modern furniture which, combining durability and reliability, will work in any room they are intended for. Whether in a private apartment, apartment or public spaces, they are to attract attention with their unique design, and be comfortable, comfortable and serve for many years. Rosanero's priority is not only beautiful design but also quality and aesthetics. The manufacturer always selects the materials from which his furniture is made very carefully. The most expensive Italian varnishes, long appreciated natural solid wood and the best Italian and Polish fabrics, which are characterized by a variety of structures, a wealth of colors and shades - these are the hallmarks of the brand products.



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