Which swivel chair to choose?

Which swivel armchair should we choose for our office? What are the most important factors when buying? Which ones usually turn out to be decisive?

When working in the office, we have to stay seated most of the time. When buying office furniture for our company, you should therefore first of all pay attention to a suitable swivel armchair, which will not only be durable, but above all comfortable. This is extremely important not only when working in the office, but also at home. The swivel chair is an exceptionally versatile piece of furniture that can accompany us in many different situations. When buying it, special attention should be paid to its properties, which can minimize the chance of various annoying conditions, which often affect people who do sit-up work. These can include back, back, neck, shoulder, knee and calf pains, as well as general concentration problems and headaches.

Rotary office chair

A good quality swivel chair should have the following characteristics:

  • the greatest possible possibility of adjustment and adjustment of the armchair to our needs, it is mainly about height adjustment, thanks to which we can adjust the height of the furniture to our height. In addition, the backrest of the chair should be adjustable in height and it should be possible to set the most convenient tilt angle,
  • stability, consisting of at least a five-arm base with castors,
  • a stable backrest, which supports mainly the lumbar spine and shoulder blades; the whole shape of the backrest should be profiled and adjusted not only to our height but also to the other features of our body structure, and its convex part should correspond to the height of the lumbar section, the flat surface of the seat with rounded front edges. Also very important are the depth and width of the seat, which should not be less than 40 centimetres. It is also very important to be able to adjust the seat height of the swivel chair,
  • the presence of adjustable armrests (for example, their height and distance between them). They are extremely important when typing on a computer, their use greatly reduces the strain on the wrists, providing support for the forearms while working on the keyboard,
  • the existence of a mechanism that enables so-called "dynamic seating". This means that the entire seat and backrest should actively change position and follow our movement. Some swivel chairs have specialised mechanisms that can adjust the tilt elasticity to the weight of the furniture user as well as seat height adjustment. It is also popular to have a specially adjustable screw at the backrest, but in such a situation we only provide comfort when sitting in a static seat. The proper setting of such mechanisms can prevent, among other things, blocking blood flow and pressure on certain parts of the body, which can cause numbness in the legs, for example,
  • the presence of a shock absorber, which allows for smooth adjustment of the seat height. Some models of swivel chairs are equipped with specialized gas dampers, which have a built-in spring, acting as an air cushion.

swivel chairs

Ergonomic swivel chair

An additional but optional element may also be an adjustable headrest, which will increase the comfort of use and make it easier to maintain the correct position during office work.

When choosing a piece of furniture such as a swivel chair, it is also worth paying special attention to the choice of material. Currently, there is a very large selection on the market, which includes fabrics with different structures, as well as natural leather and the so-called eco-skin. The least touch friendly is the so-called leather-like material, which heats up very much when used for a long time, sticks to the body and makes a less pleasant, plastic impression. However, the use of real leather is a guarantee of high comfort of use, and additionally it is characterized by an attractive price and effective appearance.

However, the most popular on the market are armchairs and swivel chairs lined with soft, delicate material. Thanks to its application, our body can breathe easily, which ensures very high comfort of sitting. Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage of this solution is its low resistance to dirt, as some stains can be very difficult or even impossible to remove. In recent years, armchairs with backrests or mesh armchairs have also enjoyed great popularity. They are a guarantee of good ventilation, which will be appreciated especially by people who work during hot weather.

The last feature to pay special attention to is the weight of the swivel chair. Lighter seats may be more mobile, but heavier ones guarantee the stability and durability of the whole structure. This way, we can be sure that it will serve us for many, many years.



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