It's already there. - Pink Freud previewed only in TIDAL

The band Pink Freud has been delighted with their work for ten years now. Deep jazz sound with a strong rock'n'roll note is a combination that has been enjoyed by thousands of fans. On the occasion of the round anniversary, the gentlemen decided to release an album which is a record of a concert performed in Agnieszka Osiecka's studio. The premiere of the album will take place on December 6, but users of the TIDAL streaming platform have the opportunity to listen to the recording from December 1.

The album "PunkFreud Army" is a record of an extraordinary concert, during which the legends of Polish punk and rock have appeared as guests. Tomek Lipiński and Robert Brylewski (Brygada Kryzys), Robert Matera (Dezerter), Tomasz Budzyński (Siekiera, Armia, among others), as well as Alek Korecki saxophonist, who proves that there are no borders in independent music. I must admit that the band Pink Freud is celebrating its decade on a grand scale.

The rocky atmosphere of the board

The album will take us on a journey full of rock energy, punk power and above all jazz finesse. Wojtek Mazolewski and his group surprise the audience, tearing down all barriers between genres, and most importantly, it hits our emotions and leads to an extraordinary musical world, in which we will certainly not be bored.

The album "PunkFreud Army" will be released in stores on December 6th, but TIDAL subscribers will listen to the album 6 days earlier. Prestream album in lossless sound quality is certainly a real treat for every fan of Pink Freud.



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