Love and passion in Filip Załuska's music video for Eskmo

Love, innocence, closeness to nature and time when the impossible did not exist. This palette of emotions can be seen as on the palm of your hand in the new video of the American artist Eskmo for the song "Feed Fire". The creator of the clip, which has been officially available online since August 25th, is a Polish director and cameraman - Filip Załuska. The photos were entirely shot in Poland and the F25 production house was responsible for the production.

Spontaneous cooperation

Brendan Angelides, a fan of electronic music known as Eskmo, is an American producer and composer who has been active since 1999. He is well known to serial lovers as the creator of the soundtrack for Netflix's "Thirteen Reasons" or "Billions" Showtime Entertainment.

Eskmo music is the feelings and emotions expressed in electronic sounds that attract and inspire. Filip Załuska, a director, cinematographer, F25 friend, and a private lover of Californian artist's music, has found out about this. It was him who managed to get Eskmo interested in his vision of the video for "Feed Fire". The effects of this cooperation, which began quite unexpectedly and spontaneously, will soon be visible on the official website of the artist.

- Eskmo trusted us completely and gave us a free hand. It is a great pleasure to work for such an artist who has appreciated our work so much - comments Marcin Dworucha, managing director of F25.

Electronic Rhythms and Polish Cadres

The clip, like Eskmo itself, is literally about impossible love and passion, which for various reasons will not come true anymore. Longing takes on a broader meaning here - it is a desire to return to the time of innocence, closeness to nature, when the impossible did not exist because it did not exist, no social categories, no norms, no limits of imagination. It was only important to be in harmony with each other and to follow one's own desire.

The song Eskmo, in my opinion, is clearly different. The first, cool, monochromatic part gives way to the luminous part, as if full of hope and freedom, so that after a while in the third part the cold grey returns. In the visual layer I tried to render this structure. For this reason, I decided to take pictures over the course of the year, in autumn and summer to be precise - says Filip Załuska.

Photo studio

The art of making music videos

Working on clips is a little different from advertising, and the main difference is creative freedom. Although, as it happens in film production, it is always a great pleasure for the whole team and a very big emotion connected with the first sharing of the effects of their work - says Marcin Dworucha.

The video for the song "Feed Fire" can be seen on Filip Załuski's official vimeo profile under the link - vimeo.com/227306911.

Filip Załuska is currently working on another video related to the new series, in which producers of the American series "Dexter" are involved.

Filip Załuska

Director and cinematographer. He graduated from the Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty at the University of Silesia with a degree in Film Image Production and Photography. He has successfully worked in the advertising industry, among other things, he has worked on many commercial productions with the Warsaw-based F25 production house, while at the same time creating his own projects, for which he was awarded at Polish and international festivals.

He received the Grand Prix at Yach Film Festival, New York Film Week, Kodak Award and Artcroft Film Festival. His clip for "The Fib" for Rysy was awarded to Viemo Staff Pick. He does not make video clips in series, he treats them very personally, as his own statements.



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