Maanam and the queen of Polish rock - Kora

I don't think there's a person who hasn't heard a single Maanam song at least once. This is because it is something cult, which is so strongly inscribed in Polish music. It's a pity that this band will never play in their original line-up again. But let's take a closer look at the whole team, their history, their greatest hits and their greatest successes. After all, it is a shame not to know the work of such a great band as Maanam.

Tough beginnings?

Maanam was initially called "M-a-M" and was a rather niche guitar duo composed of Marek Jackowski and Milo Kurtis. They played Oriental music. In 1976 Kora, Jackowski's wife, joined the band. Soon after that, Kurtis left the band and John Porter took his place. Then the name was changed to Maanam Electric Shower, until it was finally shortened to the one we know today - just Maanam. Under this longest name the band managed to record several songs, among others "Derwisz" or "Blues Bory".

In 1979 Porter passed away and the Jackowskis played with the group Dżamble. Later in the band were Ryszard Olesiński (guitarist), Krzysztof Olesiński (bass player) and Ryszard Kupidura (drummer). From that moment on, the composer was Marek Jackowski, and the texts were written by Kora.

XVIII National Festival of Polish Song in Opole

This is where Maanam's career really started. Kora showed herself as an energetic, energetic vocalist, when she was dancing on stage performing "Divine Buenos" and "Lust of Money". She encored many times during this performance. Soon after that performance they released a single with both of them on it. Later it was a matter of time when the next and the next tracks were becoming popular. The "Grey mirages", "I'm standing, I'm standing, I feel great", "This night is unlike any other night" or "Cyclades on Cyclades" came out. And finally this hit came out - the biggest hit in the whole band's career, "I love you, my love".

The band was also suspended - due to the alcoholism of the band members, for Kora's divorce from Jackowski and because of general exhaustion. However, he came back stronger, with new musicians, and was more and more successful. It is from this period that the album "Się śmnia" comes from, and Kora was reshaping her emotional life with Kamil Sipowicz, with whom she was already connected until her death.

If someone has never heard a single Maanam song, this is the moment to make up for it. This is a moment to learn how wonderful lyrics Kora wrote. You can read them on https://teksty.pinbook.pl/maanam. It's really worth getting to know this band better. Finally, he has become a permanent feature of Polish music.



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