New album of Mikromusic under patronage of Atlas

"I don't want it that way" is the sixth studio album of the Wroclaw band Mikromusic. Released independently, the album is a solid portion of uncompromising, passionate sounds, composed and recorded without any artistic or formal limitations. The album's premiere is scheduled for October 30th 2017. The Atlas is the patron of this project.

Back to the roots

Having cooperated with the biggest labels, members of Mikromusic decided to release their sixth album independently. The freedom caused by this allowed the musicians to record material that met their expectations, not being subordinated to top-down requirements. The great joy and pleasure of creation, which accompanied the work on the album, can be heard in each of the tracks. "I don't want it that way" is an album inspired mainly by the music of the 60s and 80s. As the artists themselves say: the most "songful" of the band's records to date. It will be released as an audio CD and LP. Dawid Korbaczyński, Piotr Pluta and Łukasz Sobolak are responsible for its production. Dawid Korbaczyński and Natalia Gosiak are the main composers. The singer is also a lyricist. Mixing and mastering is thanks to Robert Szydło. The premiere of the album "I don't want to do that" is accompanied by a concert tour of the same title.

Music studio

Passionate about

Atlas is a company that in all its activities focuses primarily on passion. It is a factor that is largely decisive for success - both in the construction industry and in the music world. Being the undisputed leader in the construction chemicals market, which owes its position primarily to the passion of the people who make up the company, Atlas actively supports the artists involved in their projects. This allows you to think about the brand in a broader perspective - a trendsetter in its industry, but also a committed patron of the arts. Passion is a common denominator of all activities present in the Atlas strategy and a characteristic of the supported initiatives. It is also an inseparable part of Mikromusic's work.

Talent and determination

The Mikromusic Group was established in 2002 in Wrocław on the initiative of Natalia Gosiak and Dawid Korbaczyński. Their work is described as trip hop with jazz elements. In 2004 the band was among the finalists of the Opole Debuts, and in 2008 it was selected by Marek Niedźwiecki, music journalist of Radio Trójka, for the competition in the framework of the Top Trendy festival, where it received the prize of the President of Sopot. The debut album "Mikromusic", released by Polish Radio, saw the light of day in 2006.



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