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The budget we have is often the factor that strongly limits our ability to buy a musical instrument. Also, often the conditions of the premises we have do not allow us to develop our passion for music.

The budget we have is often the factor that strongly limits our ability to buy a musical instrument. Also, often the conditions of the premises we have do not allow us to develop our passion for music. As a rule, living in a block of flats and a small room are excellent examples of this. These are some of the most common reasons why unfortunately a lot of people give up their musical ambitions, or maybe we shouldn't so definitely give up and give up. After all, not everyone has to play the piano, drums or saxophone right away. There are many other instruments that are mostly affordable for everyone, are small in size and not too loud, so there is no fear of disturbing the neighbours. All you have to do is take a good look around, and you can find extremely interesting and interesting instruments, on which learning is not too complicated.

Let's start with the smallest instrument that literally fits in our pocket. We are of course talking here about the harmonica (https://muzyczny.pl/20g_Instrumenty-dete.html), which is not only one of the smallest instruments, but also one of the cheapest. Budgetary models can be bought for literally 20-30 PLN, and more branded ones for 200-300 PLN. This means that even people with very little money can afford such an instrument. And it was their low price that made this instrument very popular in the United States of America among poor immigrants who could not afford any other generally much more expensive instrument. Oral harmonica came to America in the late nineteenth century and by the turn of the years it had started to be used in more and more different musical genres. This was the most popular music in folk, blues and country, although it could also be used on rock scenes. The legendary Jimi Hendrix used, among other things, an oral harmonica. Learning to play is not too complicated, although it certainly requires a certain patience and regularity as with any musical instrument. To start with, it is best to buy a 10 channel diatonic harmonica in C and start your musical adventure with it.

The second such extremely nice and cool-sounding instrument, which will literally fit into our small backpack is the ukulelele. It is an instrument whose current form has been shaped in the Hawaiian Islands and on which it is very easy and extremely fast to learn to play. It is an incomparably much easier instrument than a guitar, and for some chords we literally need only one finger on the threshold and we have a ready grip. Chord-beating is very similar to the guitar. The prices of these instruments vary, of course, and depend largely on the brand, but the budget model, which is a full-value musical instrument and not a toy, we can already buy for about 200 PLN.

These are examples of two very different instruments on which you can quite easily learn to play. The leading and unquestionable advantage is their price. You don't need several thousand zlotys to buy such an instrument, as in most musical instruments. In the case of an oral harmonica it is a symbolic cost of several dozen zlotys, in the case of a ukulelele it is a little more expensive, but equally small. We can take both instruments with us anywhere. We can already call this harmonica a micro instrument that fits in every pocket, but the ukulelele won't take up much space either, because a literally small backpack is enough for us to go out with it in the mountains, for example. Which one is better depends only on the individual preferences of the person concerned. Ukulelele has one advantage over the harmonica, you can play it while singing, on the harmonica unfortunately this art will not work

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