You can't miss those hip-hop shows

The coming months are a rare opportunity to see Xzibit live in Warsaw and Krakow, as well as a unique harvest in terms of concerts in Łódź. These are just some of the interesting musical events announced for the end of the year. Rap fans are lucky, because in November and December 2019 hip-hop concerts are the most interesting.

In December 2019 the best concerts will be in Łódź

For some reason, it is in Łódź that the biggest and most interesting hip-hop music events will take place in December this year. To start with, it's worth mentioning Illegal Noise. The idea of a big event where many different artists can be heard on one stage was born this year. We are now dealing with another edition. This time it will take place on December 15th at the Wytwórnia club in Łódź. See info about ticket prices:


It is worthwhile to book the ticket earlier, because on the day of the concert it will be more expensive. This edition of Illegal Noise is a performance of such rappers as Paluch, Solar or Kęka. Already such a line-up gives hope for a remarkable combination of styles, and supposedly it's not the end - the organizers are announcing surprises and expanding the program, so that the event is really the best hip-hop concert of the year in Łódź. It is worth following the information on websites such as biletomat.pl in order not to miss these ads.

Other important hip-hop concerts in Łódź

There is also a lot of noise about the upcoming Pei concert. Slums Attack more than a decade ago conquered charts with rhymes of local, Poznan specificity with raw beats. Later on, it got a little quieter about Pei, which doesn't mean that he completely cut himself off from the music. He's coming back today with his new album G. O. A. T. on October 26th during his performance at SODA Underground Stage he will be supported by several younger, promising artists such as DVJ, Rink and Gandzior.

Those who appreciate most in hip-hop the creators' cleverness and their talent for unusual associations, can certainly not wait for Fisz's concert. Together with his brother Emade and the Tworzywo band, he will play at the Freedom Jazz Festival. It will be interesting to see them on stage with Barabara Wrońska from Ballady i Romse band. The combination of Wrońska's lyrical phrase with Fisz's sharp beat and rhymes may give a surprising effect. The whole thing is a rarity for people who are bored at regular hip-hop concerts. With Wrońska's musical virtuosity and the full lineup of Tworzywo it would be difficult. This is the best hip-hop concert of the fall for those who don't listen to heavy rap every day.

A real hit: Xzibit in Krakow!

The most interesting hip-hop concert in December, about which there is a lot of media coverage, is the performance of Xzibit. Raper started in the mid 90s, and his greatest success is considered to be the Restless album released a few years later with the help of Dr. Dre. For several years he has been more active in the film field than in music. That's why it's all the more fun to hear it again and this time live. Xzibit will perform on 9th and 10th November in Warsaw and Krakow. A long weekend makes you want to catch up on your concert schedule, so it is worth taking advantage of the fact that the star is going to Poland.

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