Record low unemployment

The new year, and especially the following month of February, brought with it a huge fall in unemployment. It is said to have dropped to 6.8% this month. The fact is, however, that in some poviats it has fallen to 2%, but to this day we can still see places on the map of Poland where unemployment is still very high, leading to financial differences with respect to individual voivodeships.

It can be said that such a good situation for employees in many voivodships has not yet been achieved. The fact is that there are about 130 vacancies waiting to be filled, and the unemployment rate, which has been seized despite the winter, has dropped by as much as 0.1 percent.

It is said that the situation of the unemployed should improve significantly in the coming months. The fact is that the number of offers for working people is constantly increasing, due to the constantly growing demand. After the start of seasonal works - especially construction, finishing works or seasonal fruit harvesting - a significant drop in unemployment can be expected.

Reality in counties

The number of the unemployed, which the economists are talking about, concerns all voivodeships. If we want to delve deeper into the subject of unemployment on the basis of individual voivodeships, we will notice different trends, which means that at the level of some of them the unemployment rate is relatively low, and in another voivodeship - it may even be two-digit values. Experts quite unanimously stress that the market situation is quite good, although there are still counties with an unemployment rate of up to 26.4 %.


Is the phenomenon of multiple unemployment normal?

As many economists unanimously stress, the situation in which unemployment varies from one province to another is perfectly normal. The fact is that this diversity applies in particular to the question of the establishments and jobs present in some of the districts. It is known that unemployment in the capital will be much lower than in less developed voivodships, and in particular in smaller poviats.

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