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Online television is a medium that uses mechanisms available on the Internet. Internet television is defined as those stations that make their content available on websites. In order to be able to watch your favorite programs on the network you very often need to install software, which is usually free of charge. Nowadays, this term also includes services that offer so-called video on demand. This trend was initiated by the YouTube platform, which started in 2005. A great advantage of this solution is the fact that we can watch films and series outside the house. All you have to do is carry a mobile device such as a phone or laptop, and traveling by public transport or train will be more enjoyable. More and more people are also switching from traditional cable and satellite to online TV, which has a number of advantages. Global coverage and low transmission costs are just some of them.

Online TVN

TVN is the leading television station in Poland, which offers high quality entertainment programs and news services. TVN TVN is the leading channel, but there are also other channels in its offer, e.g. TVN Style or TVN 24. The station has a wide range of online products. Tvn is the movies and programs about your favorite stars in one place. The viewers can watch such productions as: Millionaires, Kuba Wojewódzki, Dzień Dobry TVN or Domina Effect. In addition, there are also series available in the database, which can be sorted alphabetically or according to the latest production. Everyone who is interested in show business, beauty, politics or cinema will find something for themselves. Telewizja-online.net is a platform that allows access to TV programs. Online TV tvn is a place for everyone who is interested in current events and likes to keep up to date with the latest news.


Online TV Polsat

Polsat is the first independent TV station, which is part of the Cyfrowy Polsat group. It is undoubtedly one of the most valued platforms in Poland. Its offer includes not only information and entertainment programs, but also feature films, series and sports programs. Polsat online television is a wide thematic offer. We can choose between news and entertainment programmes, as well as series or films. Culinary and music programmes are also very popular. Among the rich offer there are such programs as: You in You, TOP CHEF and Your Face Sounds Friendly. 25 years of activity have resulted in many achievements. One of the largest is the POLSAT Foundation, which was the first organization of this type, established by a commercial television station. Polsat was also the first to invest in HD technology.

Polish online TV

TVP is the only Polish public broadcaster. The station was established in 1952. Polish online television is an extensive platform, on which almost all Polish Television productions are located. The package includes programmes, series, feature films, documentaries, children's content and even TV theatre performances. A particularly interesting category is the retro section. This is where the archival materials were collected, which include, among others, a recording of news from several decades ago. That's how it was - this tab contains snapshots from the lives of the celebrities of the time. Anniversaries and events are a section commemorating important occasions and holidays, which are particularly important or very popular in Poland. All productions can be watched completely free of charge and without additional charges. You don't have to worry that you missed something on TV because everything is available on the Internet. Polish online television is also a summary. They make it possible to watch what is currently being broadcast live. The viewer can choose from several channels from the offer of Polish Television. These are primarily information programmes.



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