Schools are more likely to use multimedia

Schools still have the opportunity to gain year-round, free access to the Squla.pl platform and use it during classes. The distribution of educational materials will end in October, so it is worth hurrying!

The packages include cover letters to school principals and information materials for teachers and parents, as well as card games for use in classrooms and attractive school calendars. All teachers who register on the platform will have access to it completely free of charge and will be able to use its resources. It is worth noting that Squla.pl works on all multimedia devices: computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and interactive boards. All you need is internet access and you can freely use the platform's resources.

It is worth noting that a statistical Polish student spends less and less time in the school library and more willingly uses the Internet. As shown by the data from the Squla.pl report Children after school - free or busy? More than 56% of the respondents search the web for information useful for homework and 42% of the Z generation declare systematic use of educational Internet platforms - both at school and at home.

Multimedia learning devices

That is why teachers are keen to choose multimedia solutions that only provide students with knowledge but also entertainment.

- During the school year we receive a lot of educational materials, but not all of them meet our expectations - says Ewa Stolarczyk, deputy headmaster of the School and Kindergarten Complex no. 6 in Warsaw. - This year, the most important thing for us will be to adapt these materials to the current core curriculum of MEN. It is also important that the platform is free of advertising and therefore we can use it in lessons. Thanks to free access for the school, we can thoroughly test all tasks. They are diverse and there are so many of them that teachers of all subjects can benefit from them. Thanks to this we can also recommend this solution to parents. We can, for example, indicate which issues are still worth repeating with the child, which issues to pay attention to.



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