5 reasons you won't want to change the Samsung S10E

If you're trying to buy a phone, reach deeper into your pocket and buy something from the top shelf. Our type is the Samsung S10E - a smartphone that you really won't want to replace for the next few years. And we have five strong arguments to support that.

Sufficient computing power

It doesn't matter if you're going to use your smartphone for work or just for fun. The S10E has 6 GB of RAM and a really powerful processor (read about it at https://bestcena.pl/smartfony-i-telefony/samsung-galaxy-s10e-g970f-128gb-dual-sim-czarny). Maybe today these parameters are even a little bit too much for most users, but for a few years the requirements of the programs will be relatively increasing. It is worth buying equipment that will not get breathless after a year or two.

Really cool camera

The maximum resolution of 16Mpix at first sight is not very impressive today. But remember that resolution is not everything. In fact, in modern smartphones an algorithm is responsible for the quality of the picture, and this one in Samsung really does the job. Extraction of characters from the background allows for better sharpening, and a great quality matrix allows you to take a higher quality picture. In addition, there is a wider angle of view of the front camera. The Samsung is not going for the record here, but 123° is enough to get a lot of background on its own outside its face.

Durable casing

Samsung designers did a really good job on the S10E. On the one hand, this is a smartphone that you might like. Against the background of bland and similar models, this one has some characteristic details. At the same time, however, its casing is quite durable enough to actually serve for these few years. All right - this is not an armored smartphone, but it can handle even in quite difficult conditions thanks to its high tightness and rigid body. It's worth paying attention to this, because if you're looking for a smartphone for years, you can't buy one that breaks down after two years.

Large battery with spare

The stock is useful not only in computing power, but also in the battery. Samsung has batteries that last a really long time. An additional advantage is the fact that there will still be a lot left from such a large capacity after a few years. That's a good sign, because you won't have to pay for battery replacement. Yes, its capacity will certainly drop over time - with today's technology, it's inevitable. But it will fall slowly and from a high starting point. So you'll probably notice the changes, but certainly not big enough for you to want to replace the battery.

Functions for you

The S10E is a testing ground for testing functions. You can use it instead of the touchpad on your computer, it will work as a makeshift music center, and there is a quick charge option. A richer set of sensors makes it possible to use the phone more often even in unusual applications. It's just not another boring smartphone, it's equipment that you can adapt to your lifestyle. And if this style changes over the next few years, you can rest assured that your phone will keep up with the changes.

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