A laptop with a TN or an IPS?

The quality of the generated image is of paramount importance to many laptop users. It affects not only the visual experience, but also the possibility of using the device in professional graphic programs.

All this makes it necessary to pay special attention to both the performance of its most important components and the type of its matrix when choosing a laptop - the most important seems to be the technology in which it was prepared. Currently, on the market you can usually find devices operating on TN or IPS matrixes.

What is the difference between a TN matrix and an IPS?

First of all, it has to be said that it's age. The TN technology (or its slightly changed version of TFT) is already old and therefore considered by many to be archaic. It is also relatively cheap, so this type of matrix can be found mainly in low-budget laptops. Most importantly, however, it has limited performance.

All kinds of parameters such as contrast, viewing angles or colour saturation leave a lot to be desired, which means that TN matrices cannot be used in professional graphics programs.

It should be mentioned, however, that such matrices have a short response time, so that in most cases they do not cause a "ghosting effect" when displaying dynamic scenes.

The IPS matrices seem to eliminate any imperfections of TN models. They are characterized primarily by generating much better image quality - the aforementioned parameters are at a much higher level. However, when deciding on an IPS matrix, it is worthwhile to analyze its specification, as well as get familiar with professional reviews. It often happens that a theoretically better matrix is of poor quality.

TN matrix in laptops - application

As already mentioned, such matrices can be found mainly in cheap laptops. An example of this can be the individual configurations of HP EliteBook 850.

These are typical business devices, which will be useful primarily for office programs. These types of matrices can also easily handle the display of movies and game support. The quality of the image may be lower, but in amateur use we will not notice too much difference.

IPS matrix in laptops - application

It will be useful especially in the handling of professional graphics programs. This is what the most powerful versions of the Lenovo ThinkPad E460 laptop are used for. This type of devices should therefore be of particular interest to graphic designers, as well as people working on video editing programs.

The IPS matrix and laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad E460 also provide a better visual experience when running computer games or media players.

The matrix in the laptop - what else should we look at?

The technology of execution is not the only parameter that we should analyze. The supported resolution also affects the comfort and usability of the laptop. The strongest versions of the mentioned HP EliteBook 850 model support UHD resolution (3840x2160), which guarantees much higher quality.

It is also worth checking whether the laptop matrix has a matt or glossy coating. The first one provides protection against the influence of the sun's rays falling on the screen, thanks to which the device can also be used outside.

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