Back to the past, the era of emulators

Who doesn't like to remember the old days, or browse through photos from years ago? On this occasion, it happens that a reflection comes and we find that once it was different, maybe better. There were no smartphones, laptops or tablets. Computers were a rarity, so more time was spent outdoors.

However, technology development has its good points. It was a great surprise to young people when they discovered that it is possible to run games from the cult Pegasus on a computer or laptop. All it took was one program, the right files and you could remember your favourite items from your childhood, such as Contra, Mario or Tanks. These were not the same impressions as when playing on a console connected to the TV, but still a big smile appeared on your face. The Internet today reveals knowledge about other emulators. Thanks to them, you can "fire" even the games we know from slot machines in game rooms!

Emulator doesn't have a name

If you remember Adam Malysz's serial victories on the European and World Hills, the name Deluxe Ski Jump is definitely no stranger to you. During the "Little Momania", one watched the competition on TV and then flew on computer screens. DSJ even got a colloquial name - The Little One Game. Its creator, Finn Jussi Koksela, developed the project, modernized versions were created, but this graphically poor, original DSJ gained great popularity, not only in Poland. Years have passed and ski jumping fans still like to play Deluxe Ski Jump. Unfortunately, it is not possible to run the game on newer Windows. However, there is an output - the DosBox program, the DOS system emulator, turns out to be salutary. If we configure it properly, virtual jumps in retro style will be possible!

In the past, CD or DVD drive emulators have also become very useful. People downloaded games (strictly PC games) in bulk from the Internet, in the form of disc images. If there was a suitable program on your computer, you could install the game without having to put the disks in the drive.

Modern applications, so why do I need an Android emulator?

Times change, but emulators don't go away. It may be that the above mentioned applications are not used so often anymore, but new possibilities have emerged. A great example of evolution is Android emulator. In short, it is possible to use the applications that are well known from smartphones on Windows (including PC). These are both games and other tools. The Android emulator also allows you to run applications related to social media. You can use them at your own discretion and needs.

On the Internet we will find at least some interesting Android emulators. They differ not only in name but also in properties. What is important is that you can download free but functional applications or bet on more extensive and paid versions. Emulators have interesting features, such as the choice between a virtual smartphone or tablet, or adjusting the resolution and allocation of memory size and number of processor cores. It's easy - you install an Android emulator and have a smartphone or tablet on your computer screen.

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