Bootable Flash Drive - install Windows from USB

Weird error messages appear on the computer screen? The equipment suddenly started working much slower? Install a fresh copy of your operating system - simple solutions are often best. But how to do this without a CD/DVD drive? Just a flash drive.

What's a bootable flash drive?

A bootable flash drive is a USB flash drive that starts automatically when the computer starts up. Enables fast and efficient installation of Windows. The small gadget is handy, lightweight and capacious - a simpler and more convenient way than a traditional DVD. It is also supported by the data reading speed - it is much better than that of traditional optical media.

Modern equipment, e.g. ultrabooks, no longer have a DVD drive - but it turns out to be redundant. The use of a flash drive is a necessity in this situation. You can install the operating system quickly and easily from your flash drive - whether on your laptop, ultrabook or desktop computer. But how to record Windows on a flash drive without risk?

A tool to create bootable flash drive

What will you need? Only a Windows computer and a flash drive with a minimum capacity of 8 GB. For an older version of Windows, a 4 GB flash is sufficient. Importantly, your flash drive will be formatted, so before you start, check what's on it and copy the data to a safe place so you don't lose it.

From the official Microsoft website, download a tool to create a bootable flash drive - once you run it, the process of preparing individual elements will begin. You will start downloading files and saving them to USB. Setup does not take long - after a few minutes you will see a message that "Your flash USG is ready", which means that you can start installing the system. The automatic application downloads the files itself and creates a bootable flash drive - by far the easiest way.

You can read exactly how to go through this process on LenovoZone. See what advice was prepared by Zmaslo, one of the most important Polish IT youtubers. See step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the media that will enable you to install Windows from your flash drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnFolO0_B78ist=PL6SnXdCs1iJ3YsU0Ue4o2c9auclAYRn9Bndex=40=0s.

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