Car rental what do you need to know when renting a car in Wroclaw?

Car rental is becoming increasingly popular and popular. More and more companies are appearing on the market, convincing them to choose their services. And their scope is very wide and is not limited only to holiday car rental. What do rentals in Wrocław offer? And what do you have to look for to choose the best option?

Wide range of cars

A good car rental company should have a large fleet. It shall consist of vehicles in perfect technical condition and have copies from different classes, of which only cars of the PREMIUM class shall be subject to an additional deposit. In the rental shop you will find both cars for everyday use in the city, those that will work perfectly well on the road, and vans that will work perfectly well when moving. If you are considering a rental and are wondering what kind of car you should choose, have a look at the article "What kind of car to the city and what kind of route? - Carfree specialists' opinions" and choose the right model.

Which car rental option is optimal

Car rentals offer short, medium and long term rental. Short term rental is perfect if you need a car for a short trip to another city or for a special occasion - a celebration or party. If you travel and need a car to move around a new city, be sure to check if the company offers a free car replacement so as not to generate additional costs. Car rental Wrocław - Carfree, the industry leader in Wroclaw, offers a completely free replacement of the vehicle to airports all over Poland. It is also a good opportunity to test a model for which you currently have no money to buy. Medium term rental is often chosen in case of a car breakdown or as a replacement vehicle after a break-down.

Offer for companies

Business customers often opt for long-term rental. This is a cost-effective solution due to the lack of own contribution and the fact that it is the lending company that takes responsibility for paying for insurance, inspections and possible repairs.

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