CCTV cameras - what should you know before you buy?

Industrial cameras have long been associated mainly with large companies and public buildings. They were supposed to provide security and control. Today, one - thanks to much more affordable prices and simple operation - CCTV camera in a small shop, a small company or even on a private property no longer surprises anyone. On the contrary, more and more people are considering installing CCTV. There are many arguments in favour of this - industrial monitoring is primarily protecting property against burglary or theft. The cameras also make it easier to identify potential criminals who have committed intrusions into private property. And you can't forget that CCTV cameras allow you to watch what's happening on the property from anywhere in the world. The choice of CCTV cameras on the market is very large, as well as the price range of equipment. So what should you pay attention to when buying and installing CCTV cameras?

CCTV camera installation location - outside or inside?

The basic issue that has to be taken into account when choosing CCTV cameras is the place of installation - inside the building or outside. This is important primarily due to the weather conditions to which the camera is exposed when placed outdoors. It has to be tight enough. Manufacturers mark products whether for indoor or outdoor use, but to be absolutely certain that the camera will not be damaged by rain or moisture, for example, you need to pay attention to its IP rating. It is described by two digits - the first one from 0 to 6 and the second one from 0 to 9. The first one means protection against the intrusion of solids - for example, dust and attention should be paid to it, especially for users who want to mount a CCTV camera on a production hall where there is a lot of dust. The second is responsible for resistance to water and moisture. It can be assumed that a camera with an IP 66 rating can cope with all natural conditions and will provide complete protection against dust and dirt. Higher parameters are rather for specialist applications, lower ones - I can get wet in very heavy rainfall.

Parameters affecting the image quality of a CCTV camera

Even the most resistant camera, placed at a good point, won't do much good if the image from it is of poor quality - dark, grainy and not very detailed. This is particularly important when burglary or theft occurs and the persons who have done so must be identified. The better the image, the better the chance of finding the perpetrators. Which parameters determine this? First of all, resolution - the higher the resolution, the more detailed and less grainy the image. The most popular resolutions on the market are 1280x720 or 1920x1080 pixels. The lower ones may not be detailed enough and it is not possible to read, for example, the vehicle registration numbers or see facial features.

Another thing is sensitivity to light. A CCTV camera needs proper lighting, if there is not enough light, the image will be very dark and its legibility will be negligible. Basically, the lower the sensitivity value (given in lux), the less light the camera needs to capture the image. However, one has to remember that light is always needed, and the more it is, the clearer the image will be. To make sure that the image will be properly illuminated you can choose cameras with built-in lighting. This ensures that even in a dark room you can record any disturbing event.

It is also good to pay attention to the lens - some models of CCTV cameras have adjustable optics, i.e. they allow to zoom in and out. This is especially useful if the camera is to cover a larger area with its "eye". However, it is worth remembering that the quality and detail of the image often decreases with zooming - you have to look at the so-called optical zoom, which actually zooms in and out of the image, and not the digital zoom, which only zooms in and out of the image and makes it blurred and pixelised.

The principle is simple - the smaller the digit in the denominator, the better image quality.

CCTV camera - what else to remember?

When choosing CCTV cameras it is worth to pay attention to a few more issues. You can select static or movable cameras that move regularly and scan a room or area. If you decide to opt for static, it is worth taking an interest in those with a broader perspective. It is also important to pay attention to the type of communication with the camera - whether it should be equipped with Wi-Fi module or connected with a cable. The first group is more comfortable, the second group is cheaper. There are also models with motion detectors that start to record images when they detect someone's presence. This is a good solution for closed spaces where no one should be indoors - for example, in the house in the absence of the household.

When choosing CCTV cameras for your home or business, you also need to remember to choose trusted retailers and proven manufacturers. It is a guarantee that the purchase will be successful and that the whole installation will perform its function properly. There's nothing to worry about. https://www.eltrox.pl/monitoring/monitoring-ahd/kamery-ahd.html - The offer from the link proves that everyone will find CCTV cameras that will not only be perfectly suited to their needs, but also will not exceed their budget.

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