Data backup - how to archive photos from your phone as easily as possible?

You can archive photos from your smartphone in many ways. Lose them to your computer, external drive, or even a flash drive, or back up your data in the cloud. What are the advantages of each solution?

Data backups - why is it worth making them?

Losing all the pictures from your phone is a very unpleasant event. If you don't archive your photos, all you have to do is damage, steal or lose your smartphone and your photos will be lost forever. So it's worth backing up your data - preferably two in different places if one of the media fails. It will also allow you to free up space in your phone's memory, which may be important especially when you take a lot of pictures.

Storage of images on computer and other physical media

Backing up data to a computer, various types of external drives, discs or flash drives is an older but still common method. It is not only those who are committed to such solutions, but also those who have doubts whether Internet drives protect their privacy properly.

Today, however, more and more often than not, instead of archiving the images on a computer and then losing them to an external drive, they are played right away on a large network drive (NAS server with Wi-Fi module). This makes it easier to access your photos, because any device connected to your home network will be enough to give you the appropriate permissions. Smaller network drives have the advantage of being easier to take with you.

You can also back up your data on most Android phones, even if you don't have access to the Internet and a computer at hand. All you need is an external drive or a flash drive and the right cable. If you want to check how to do exactly that, read the guide prepared by nju mobile https://www.njumobile.pl/artykuly/kopie-zapasowe-danych . You will also find more information about other ways to archive your photos.

Data backups - the most convenient in the cloud

The easiest solution to back up your data is definitely Internet drives, the so-called clouds. Why? Because all you need to do is access the Internet to copy the photos to your private account and display those that are already on it. What's more, some cloud services allow for automatic synchronization, so that every picture you take is also immediately uploaded to the provider's server.

Internet drives are not only convenient, but accessible to everyone. Most of them are also free of charge. The cloud then usually has a gigabyte limit, and often other limitations. The best free solutions currently available are Google and Mega Photos. In the first case, you have 15 GB at your disposal, and photos up to 16 Mpix or compressed to this size can be archived without any restrictions. In Mega you get 50 GB for free.

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