Good practice in designing mobile applications

Developing mobile applications is more challenging than you might think. There are many factors that influence whether an application is really user-friendly and whether it will manage to gain more popularity. Each designer should know some of the most important good practices that apply. It is worth treating them as a kind of signpost which shows us what we should pay special attention to here and what issues are important for our customers.
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Bet on minimalism

A good mobile app should take up as little space as possible. The memory of a typical mobile device is still significantly limited compared to personal computers, so simple technological limitations prevent the creation of complex products. But it's not just about file size alone. The application interface should not contain many buttons that are not useful in practice during normal use. Minimalism significantly increases the readability and ease of use of applications, so you need to design a product with it in mind. Every element that we intend to place in our product should be carefully analyzed for its suitability for the user. Sometimes it is enough to take a closer look at your application to find a lot of elements that are not really needed.

Economical network connection

To better understand the users of mobile devices, it is worth remembering the early years of the Internet, when we used telephone modems. Every operation - even loading a new subpage - was something expensive. It took even a dozen seconds to pay for. Despite the fact that many years have passed and the technology has moved forward significantly, smartphone and tablet users still use the Internet on similar terms. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the application we have prepared is as economical as possible in this respect.

Entering data into the application

Users of mobile applications often have considerable problems with entering their data into them. Using links and functions is easy - but sometimes even filling in a simple form becomes quite complicated here. There are a number of solutions that can greatly simplify the issue. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the subsequent elements of the page through which the user passes are arranged in a single, logical sequence. It is a great convenience for users of mobile devices, although Internet users using personal computers do not even notice such issues.



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