Extralife's wireless control kits for Intelligent Home Systems what do they contain?

The technologies used in intelligent home systems primarily ensure safety and improve the quality and comfort of life. Under EU law, after 2020, systems that contribute to energy efficiency will be a necessity in every new building. What do they contain and what are the benefits of investing in wireless control kits for Exta Life smart home systems?

Exta Life Intelligent Home System

Wireless control kits allow you to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, window blinds and other devices in the building from radio transmitters and with smartphones and tablets. All you need is an internet connection to control the technologies your smart home is equipped with from anywhere in the world at any time.

The system allows you to control the lighting, and also provides the ability to create individual lighting scenes. Imagine the situation when you meet your friends in your garden. It's dark and the lighting system is coordinated so that the light comes on as you like.

Benefits of having an intelligent home management system

With the Exta Life intelligent home system, you have full control over the window shutters throughout the building, divided into levels and rooms. You can control the entrance gate and regulate the temperature in selected rooms. The system can be programmed to change values at certain times or days. Intelligent installation supports the user's actions by automatically controlling the house, saving time, energy and money. Find out what should you know about smart home systems?

A smart home for you

Exta life is a comfortable, fully safe and affordable solution. You can equip your smart home in features that will make your life easier and more pleasant, at an affordable and affordable price

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