Google disk - everything you need to know about it

When the Internet giant Google introduced its new service, Google Drive, in 2012, it was seen as a competition for existing Dropbox solutions. In reality, however, it is difficult to fully compare the two services, after all, the Google disk is not only a stand-alone "cloud storage" solution, but also a part of a larger whole, compatible with other solutions included in Google Apps.

What is the capacity of the Google drive?

In its free version, Google offers 15 GB of storage space. For basic work on documents, such as spreadsheets or text files or multimedia presentations, this is quite enough space. However, for more demanding users Google has prepared extended, additionally paid packages: 100 GB, 1 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB, 30 TB.

Who is the Google disk service for?

It is a tool necessary to work on projects that require secure storage of large amounts of data with the possibility to share them easily and quickly with other project participants. This applies to companies or organisations that operate on voluminous files (e.g. videos, editable versions of graphic designs) or files that relate dynamically to each other (e.g. databases, extended spreadsheets) and companies that want other members of the organisation to have access to these files, or even the possibility of changing (editing) them. The G Suite package, which is a typical business solution (Google for companies), can be extremely useful in this case, offering, for example, the possibility of easy sharing files placed on Google's company disk with other users operating within the same domain (i.e. the same organization), so that not every participant has to be introduced separately. In addition, the company version of the Google Disc offers us 30 GB from the very start, where in the slightly higher version we have unlimited space for our files and photos.

Advantages of the Google drive

In addition to the free use of Google Drive (and the ability to expand storage space for a fee), this tool has other advantages that can be beneficial to the company, organization or individual.


This drive is fully compatible with other Google solutions, such as Google Documents. This means that files created by Google applications, i.e. spreadsheets, text files, multimedia presentations, etc., are automatically saved in live storage space. In the event of a sudden computer crash or power outage, any data you enter into the Google application is stored on a secure cloud drive.


Files can be edited by several colleagues simultaneously. Every piece of information entered is visible to other project participants on an ongoing basis, so everyone can see the most current versions of files available within the Google application (this applies to both documents and spreadsheets).


Possibility of assigning different access levels for different users (editing, commenting, watching). This gives you the opportunity to better organize your work.


Google disk space is a place that you can freely organize according to your needs, so you can create your own folders and subfolders to place files there.


Google's drive (as well as other applications from Google) guarantees easy access to files from anywhere in the world and from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), either via a web browser or a suitable app.

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