Great photos and sharpened 4k video - what else does iPhone 11 have to offer?

This year's premiere of Apple is the debut of several different versions of "eleven". The eyes of many people following the event were directed at the basic variant of the already cultic smartphone (IPhone 11). What attracted their attention, what could have been fascinating?

IPhone 11 - double camera and movies in 4k

Apple has been known for years as a manufacturer of smartphones that can help us take the best photos. iPhone 11 has a main camera with two lenses:

  • wide-angle (26 mm), 12 MP sensor, brightness f/1.8, equipped with electronic image stabilization;
  • ultra wide-angle (13mm) 12 MP, f/2.4, 13mm (ultrawide).

First tests have shown that Apple's advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms make the two lenses completely sufficient for a new iPhone to deserve to be called a photo or movie smartphone, because 4K video makes a really good impression. There is also a slightly improved self-configuring camera, which - in this configuration - is better than the solution that, for example, the Koreans use in their flagship - Samsung S10.

Bionic A13 - the unrivalled leader

Powerful chips are the hallmark of Apple. Every year we see that the performance of even the fastest devices on the market can still be improved. The first comparisons showed that no Android smartphone can compare to the solution created this year in Cupertino, both in single-core and multi-core tests. So iPhone 11 will remain the performance leader, even if the competitor is a device that boasts a powerful Snapdragon 855+.

Appearance - controversial or visionary?

On the front, the new iPhone looks pretty standard, just like a flagship. The presence of a notch at the top of the screen - the so-called notch - immediately reveals a kinship with the XS iPhone. The phone seems to be very solid - front and back are two sheets of glass connected by a thin frame made of a special aluminum alloy (7000). This year, Apple went crazy with the colors, because the flagship smartphone is available in six colors - black, green, yellow, purple, red and white. The most controversial is the rear camera, whose two lenses clearly cut off against the background of the housing. Not everyone can like that. On the other hand, next year we can see that it will be a new standard. Apple has shown more than once that it is able to impose patterns that are initially accepted, to say the least, cool.

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