Here he comes! Stable internet to your home without data limits

Modern technology continues to amaze... One of the greatest achievements in this field is the fiber-optic home Internet, which allows you to use the network at great speed and without data limits. Currently, Orange is the leader among FTTH network providers, because this is the name of fiber optic technology, on the Polish market. And what exactly can every household member who uses optical fibre gain? Surprisingly much!

Fiber optic fibre in the house

Before talking about the specific advantages of FTTH technology, it is worth explaining what it is. This will help to better understand the phenomenon of this modern solution.

FTTH (Fiber to the home) is a fiber optic technology that enables data transmission at an extremely high speed. The abbreviation FTTH stands for direct connection of the PBX with the house of Internet use. The literal translation is fiber to the house. Why? For data transmission at a dizzying speed - the speed of light - glass fibres made of plastic are used. These are the optical fibres that can be used to transmit data directly to the home of an Internet user.

In Poland, the largest provider of this ultra-fast Internet is the Orange network, which offers this technology, among other things, as part of attractive packages, as you can read about on orange.pl. You can learn even more about the fibre itself and the specific offers that are related to it at https://www.orange.pl/view/internet-domowy.

The best answer to the question: Why opt for fibre optic home internet? is to present a number of benefits that come out of such a solution.

Ultra-fast internet without data limits

An unquestionable advantage of optical fiber, which distinguishes this technology on the market, is the speed of data transmission. The FTTH network enables the use of home Internet at speeds of up to 600 Mb/s. Moreover, thanks to the stable fiber optic connection, there is no data limit. So you can not only use the network at extremely high speeds, but also send and download files without worrying that your data limit will be reached.

Speaking of optical fibre, one cannot forget about stability and reliability. The Internet available in this ultra-modern technology is of extremely high quality. This is due to the direct delivery of data - from the control panel to the home of the network user. This allows you to forget about slow caching, frequent "hanging" of the Internet or high ping.

The best Wi-Fi in the whole house

To get even more, and with better quality, from an Orange fiber optic cable, you just need a modern modem. Thanks to built-in numerous antennas, the device additionally influences the quality of the Internet, even when the home network is used by several users simultaneously. These modern routers are available on: https://www.orange.pl/view/modemy-dekodery-Orange#modemy. No visible speed drops, the best Wi-Fi and the ability to manage your home network with special apps are just a few of the many benefits of home modems.

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