How to install a strip curtain correctly?

Strip curtains are an effective barrier against wind, drafts and cold. Due to their high versatility, they are used both in industry and by private individuals. The manufacture and installation can be commissioned to a company or done by yourself. If you decide to make your own curtains, you need to know the basic rules of making them.

Making a strip curtain yourself is not time-consuming. It will also reduce investment costs. It will be much cheaper than a specialized company.

In cooperation with specialists from www.kurtynypcvpaskowe.pl we have prepared a guide for people who want to make a curtain from PVC belts themselves.

Appropriate length of ribbons

Belts should not rest on the floor. It is recommended that there be a 1-2 cm gap between the ribbon and the ground. Thanks to the fact that the ribbons do not rest on the floor, they have the possibility to stretch themselves under their own weight.


Belts of a suitable length end up above the ground.

Belts that lean against the floor do not hang straight. The ribbons bend and deflect. They don't stick closely together. The curtain is losing its tightness.

drape curtain

Too long ribbons lean against the floor. It causes them to bend. The curtain is losing its tightness.

The ribbons hang freely

The curtain should be suspended so that the belts sow freely. They shouldn't resist or hook up with any obstacles. When fixing the hanger, make sure that the ribbons do not lean against the edge of the lintel. This can cause the belts to deform and distort. The air curtain then loses its tightness because the deformed strips do not adhere to each other.

comb hanger

The comb hanger is attached too high, the Belts are leaning against the edge of the lintel, which is the reason for their deflection. At the bottom, gaps are formed between the belts.

Belts suspended in an overlap

For the curtain to be airtight, the strips must be hung in the correct order. This results in two rows of ribbons that are tightly connected to each other. The belts in both rows are facing each other in the opposite direction, which makes them overlap. This is illustrated by the diagram:

two rows of belts

The belts in two rows overlap.

This way of hanging the belts ensures that the curtain is tight. When the air curtain flap is pressed against the inner layer, the outer layer of the belts presses against it. The belts are adjacent to each other.

Properly attached belt fixing plates

The plates fixing the belt should be fixed perpendicular to the edge of the ribbon. The lack of a right angle will make the suspended belt hang crooked. As a result, the bet will be uneven or even the belts will not overlap. To avoid this problem, special attention must be paid when placing the tile on the belt. For this purpose, it is best to use a bracket. One arm of the angle bracket shall coincide with the edge of the belt and the other arm with the bottom edge of the plate. This is illustrated by the diagram below:


Correct positioning of the plate on the belt during riveting.

The right size of rivets for fixing tiles to PVC strip

The fastening plates are fixed to the PVC belt using aluminium rivets. This way of connection ensures that the belt does not break away from the plate. In addition, the rivets are flat, they do not stand out too far from the surface of the tiles. This ensures that the adjacent tiles adhere well together.


Aluminium rivet.

For 2mm and 3mm thick belts, rivets with a diameter of d = 4.8mm and a length of 8mm are suitable. For 4mm thick belts, rivets with a diameter of d = 4.8mm and a length of 10mm are suitable.

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