How to use the phone number database?

There's a number calling us again, and we don't know who it is. We answer a few calls a day, and there's a deafening silence on the other side. We still have to deal with telemarketers, intrusive salesmen, people inviting to pottery shows and free treatments at the clinic. And we've had enough. But how do we know if it's someone we've been waiting for whose phone call we've been waiting for or if someone else wants to harass us again. In this case, it is very helpful to search for numbers in a special database (see page http://sprawdzajnumery.pl/ ).

There are hundreds of such sites, which share hundreds of numbers, so you should find the one you care about. One that will fit us with all the features on offer. In fact, in order to have a specific choice, all you need to do is to enter the phrase "who called" or "phone number search engine" into Google. We select a page and then enter a number unknown to us into their internal search engine, and then click "search". Then we get to the page with the given number and we can see what other Internet users who had to deal with it wrote about it. Often the pages allow you to give marks, but also to add your comments on why we think the number is positive or why it is not worth receiving it (e.g. it is a telemarketer or you can still hear a deafening silence in the handset). This allows us to make an informed decision whether or not to answer our phone. Such search engines will save us the nerves and wasting time on idle conversations that bring nothing into our lives. They can also protect us from possible data theft. On such websites users are very eager to share their experiences and insights, so it is better to learn from someone's mistakes than to do the same on their skin.

Remember - if the phone keeps ringing and the display shows the same number all the time, we can report harassment, because such actions are not allowed. That's why it's good that a lot of companies have been set up to check numbers.



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